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Toe in the Water, Bob Quinn | Photo by Antonella Guarracino
2014 VIRTUAL CONFERENCE  |  DECEMBER 5, 2014  |  9AM-11:30AM MST

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The ARLIS/NA-Mountain West chapter would like to invite you to participate in our annual virtual conference.

The theme for this year is Testing the Waters: Professional Experimentation in the Arts and Art Librarianship. In keeping with this theme, our conference is trying an experimental new format that includes both asynchronous and synchronous components. Here’s how it works:

  • Presentations have been recorded ahead of time and uploaded to the conference website so that you, the participant, can watch them all at your own pace.

  • Live discussion boards, bios, pictures, slidedecks and other links are included for each presenter page.

  • A live Q&A will be held on Dec. 5th, 9-11:30 AM MST. This will allow everyone to interact directly with the presenters with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have. If you are not able to attend, this session will also be recorded for everyone to enjoy later.

To join us for our conference, simply sign up using the REGISTER HERE link on the left. We hope you will participate in this experimental new conference!


Luke Leither, ARLIS/NA-MW Chapter Vice Chair

Opening Remarks

Amber Welch, Librarian and Instructional Technology Consultant, Mount Holyoke College

Building & Strengthening Relationships: Using Screencasts, Screensharing, and Blended Formats to Enhance Reference Services

Jessa Lee, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Santa Fe University of Art and Design

Adventures in One-Derland: Exploring the Possibilities in One-Shot Library Instruction Sessions at a College for the Arts

John Burns, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Dixie State University

Bringing Artists to the Students: How a Campus Lecture Series can Give Student Access to Professional/Practicing Artists

Kristin MacDonough, Coordinator, AV Artifact Atlas, Bay Area Video Coalition

Yikes! What is That Thing? Diagnosing AudioVisual Errors with QC Tools and the A/V Artifact Atlas

Lucy Campbell, Librarian, NewSchool of Architecture and Design

Visibility on Campus: Experiments, Successes and Failures

Luke Leither, Art & Architecture Librarian, University of Utah

Not so (IM)Material: Training the Next Generation of Artists, Art Historians, and Curators

Megan Lotts, Art Librarian, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Implementing a Culture of Creativity & Making: The Rutgers University Art Library Lego Playing Station

Nicole Beatty, Arts and Humanities Librarian, Weber State University

Integrated General Education and Information Literacy

Nicole Beatty, ARLIS/NA-MW Chapter Chair

Closing Remarks

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