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Vol.13, No.1
Summer 2014

Chair's Column
Chapter Liaison's Report
Annual Business Meeting Minutes | Washington, D.C.
May 2, 2014
MW Chapter New Blog
Chapter Logo Design Competition
2014 Winberta Yao Travel Award Report

New TML Editor

New Arizona State Coordinator
Spotlight on Institutions and Collections
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Members' Highlights
Editor's Note

Chair's Column
Contributed by Nicole Beatty, Arts and Humanities Librarian, Stewart Library, Weber State University

Dear ARLIS/NA-MW Members:

As the summer progresses, I am pleased to take a moment to reflect on our accomplishments this year and our new initiatives.  Because we are challenged by distance, our main focus this year has been on communication.  We have done this not only by having business meetings but also by hosting a virtual conference.  Wide Angle: Perspectives on Visual + Media Arts Information brought together a diverse group of speakers and expertise to share information for a day. I would like to thank Peggy Keeran and Alison Verplaetse for their help in planning the conference and moderating the sessions; Julie Williamsen for her opening and closing remarks; and Robert Kopchinski, TEI Association Manager, for the training sessions with the virtual conference software, his support the day of the conference, and the amount of time he put into working with us to make the conference possible. 

Of course, I am grateful to our speakers and for those of you who attended the conference.  I am also encouraged by new opportunities for conversation, information sharing, and community among our membership.

New member Caroline Dechert, Librarian and Archivist at the Museum for International Folk Art, has volunteered to be the editor of our new blog for ARLIS/NA-MW.  Please consider contributing ideas, virtual tours of your libraries or collections, or sharing emerging technologies.  The blog can be found at:

We have also discussed having an instruction forum to share teaching strategies, ideas and materials as well as a professional development committee to foster collaborations and edit written works for publication.  If you are interested in organizing the forum or chairing the committee, please contact me at

In addition to these efforts, we are also changing the virtual conference format from a one day event to several smaller mini-conferences (1-2 hour presentations).  As Luke Leither, Vice Chair, and I begin to work out the details, I encourage all of you to think about the work you are doing, the projects you are working on, or interests that you wish to explore and submit proposals for our mini-conferences.  Luke will send out an announcement regarding these events in the near future.  I look forward to these engaging and informative talks.

ARLIS/NA-MW is fortunate to have wonderful members and it has been a great pleasure to work with all of you.  Many thanks to all of our chapter officers and state coordinators for your dedication and hard work.

Best wishes,
Nicole Beatty
ARLIS/NA-MW Chapter Chair

Chapter Liaison's Report
Contributed by Sarah Sherman, Reference Librarian, Getty Institute

Hello Mountain West Chapter Members!

I am now half way through my two-year term, as Chapters Liaison on the ARLIS/NA Executive Board. I’ve enjoyed working with all 17 chapters and I look forward to working with you until the 2015 annual conference in Forth Worth, TX.

At the 2014 annual conference in Washington D.C., the Executive Board had pre- and post-conference meetings and during the conference the Chapter Chairs and I met for a roundtable meeting. I wanted to share few highlights with you:


Washington D.C. Conference: It was a record-breaking success (surpassing the success of the 2013 Pasadena conference)! We welcomed 791 registrants, the largest ARLIS/NA conference to date.  The fundraising efforts totaled $77,000. We greatly appreciate the support of the sponsors and the 76 vendors.

Future Conferences: I look forward to seeing you in Fort Worth, TX from March 19-23, 2015. We will meet in Seattle, WA in 2016 for the 3rd joint conference with the Visual Resources Association (VRA). The Executive Board is working with prospective host chapters to select a 2017 location.

Virtual Conference: In June, four taped sessions from the D.C. Conference will be available to members and non-members through our new learning software. Watch ARLIS-L for more details.

Chapter Chairs Roundtable

The chapter chairs will begin to meet virtually every quarter. These virtual meetings will be a venue for chapter chairs to discuss similar topics and brainstorm new ideas. The meetings will also include key members from the Society who will discuss relevant chapter related topics such as development, diversity, and ARLIS/NA’s Strategic Plan. In addition, to these virtual meetings, we will have the in-person meeting at the conference and have discussions on the chapters’ officers listserv.

Strategic Plan 2011-2015

I would like to remind you that chapter activities should align with ARLIS/NA’s Strategic Plan. I recommend that all chapter members familiarize themselves with the plan, which is available at

ARLIS/NA Website (AWS)

I hope you have had the chance to peruse the newly-designed website. Be sure to log in to the website with your member username and password to see all member-only information. The website no longer has a dedicated member’s page, instead member-only information can appear on any page within the website.

The Executive Board will continue to have our monthly phone meetings and we will gather in-person in New York for the mid-year Executive Board meeting on August 14-15, 2014. As usual, with every meeting we will have a lot to discuss toward the advancement of ARLIS/NA. I will keep you posted!

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Wishing you all the best,

Sarah Sherman
ARLIS/NA Executive Board, Chapters Liaison

ARLIS/NA-MW Chapter Business Meeting Minutes
May 2, 2014  |  Washington, D.C.
Photos contributed by Joan Benedetti

Seated left to right: Luke Leither, Nicole Beatty, Alison Verplaetse.

The Mountain West Chapter met for their annual business meeting on May 2, 1014 at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, D.C. during the annual conference of the Art Libraries Society of North America.

Chapter Chair Nicole Beatty conducted the meeting and announced Luke Leither (University of Utah) as the incoming Vice-Chair/Chair Elect and Rebecca Potance (New Mexico Museum of Art) as the Secretary-Treasurer. 

Alison Verplaetse is the Winberta Yao Travel Award recipient for 2014. To read the complete minutes of the meeting, see:

Mountain West Chapter Has a New Blog

On June 8, 2014, chapter member Caroline Dechert, Librarian/Archivist at the Museum of International Folk Art, launched a new blog for the Mountain West Chapter.  It is at:

The blog is in response to the results of a recent survey of MW chapter members who requested a social media presence.  Caroline created the blog using the WordPress software and it is already active with posts covering topics ranging from a new copyright resource from Berkeley Law to free art ebooks.

You can receive an automatic notification of the blog’s new postings by emailing your email address at the Follow link on the website.

Chapter members are also encouraged to visit the blog often and submit fresh and informative articles.  Submissions of items can be emailed to Caroline from a link on the blog site or sent directly to:

Chapter Logo Design Competition

Our Chapter’s logo needs an update and graphic design students from institutions in the Mountain West region are invited to submit proposals for the new design by August 15, 2104. The winner will receive $250 and a spotlight in the chapter’s newsletter.

A review committee will select the new logo and announce the winning design on August 29, 2014.

DEADLINE: August 15, 2014

Submission Guidelines and Details

Alison Verplaetse Awarded 2014 Winberta Yao Travel Award
Contributed by Alison Verplaetse

Alison Verplaetse was awarded the 2014 Winberta Yao Travel Award. 

Alison is the Digital Preservation Specialist at Dayton Memorial Library at Regis University in Denver, Colorado.

Alison co-presented with Tom Riedel, Regis University, a poster session, Slipping the Bonds of Earthly Metadata Schemas: Cataloging the Regis University Santo Collection at the 2014 ARLIS/NA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.  As a condition of the travel award, recipient are asked to submit a report.

Read Alison's full report here...

Nicole Beatty is the New The Mountain Ledger Editor

Nicole Beatty volunteered to be the next editor of our Mountain West Chapter’s newsletter, The Mountain Ledger.

Nicole is the Arts and Humanities Librarian at Stewart Library, Weber State University, Ogden, UT and the outgoing Chair of the Mountain West Chapter.

Nicole can be reached at:

Jill McCleary is the New Arizona State Coordinator

Jill McCleary volunteered to be the next Arizona State Coordinator for the Chapter.  Jill is the archivist for the recently formed Archive of Visual Arts, a department of the University of Arizona, Museum of Art. 

She holds a MLIS and a Certificate in Museum Studies from the University of Iowa.  Her background includes jobs and internships in a variety of institutions, including a paleontology repository, radiology library, a zoo, and a living history museum. 

Most recently, she worked for the Arizona Historical Society’s Library and Archives for five years before accepting her current position in 2012.  In her free time, Jill can often be found doing yoga and kickboxing.  She also enjoys traveling, hiking, and spoiling her cat, Hope.

Spotlight on Institutions and Collections

University of Arizona’s Museum of Art Expands Collecting Scope
Contributed by Jill McCleary, Archivist, UA Museum of Art

Denver Art Museum Completes New Administration Building
Contributed by Susan Ferrer-Vinent, Librarian, Frederick Mayer Library, Denver Museum of Art

Tucson’s January 8th Memorial Foundation
Contributed by Alexandria Caster, Archivist/Curator, Tucson’s January 8th Memorial Foundation

Arizona State Museum Exhibits Regarding Curtis: Contemporary Indian Artists Respond to the Imagery of Edward S. Curtis
Contributed by Marly Helm, Associate Librarian, Arizona State Museum

String Literature Hanging in the Library and Film Costume as Art at the Museum: Brigham Young University
Contributed by Christiane E. Ramsey, Fine Arts Librarian, Brigham Young University

Museum Hill Libraries Choose Koha Open Source
Contributed by Carline Dechert, Librarian and Archivist, Bartlett Library, Museum of International Folk Art

Members' Highlights

Joan Benedetti Awarded Distinguished Service Award by ARLIS/NA

Joan received the Art Libraries Society of North America’s highest honor, the 2013 Distinguished Service Award, at their 42nd Annual Conference held in Washington, D.C. on May 1-5, 2014.  

The award recognizes individuals who have provided exemplary service in art librarianship, visual resources curatorship, or a related field and has made outstanding national or international contribution to art librarianship.

Joan is the author of Art Museum Libraries and Librarianship (2007) and has served in many capacities for ARLIS/NA including, the Southern California Chapter Chair.  She retired in 2002 but she remains active in the Mountain West Chapter.

For more information about Joan and the award, visit:

Maryhelen Jones Takes on New Direction

As a retired member of ARLIS/NA and one with over thirty years of academic and special library experience including a stint at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, Mountain West Chapter member Maryhelen Jones found a new and expressive passion in blogging about wristwatches.

In February 2014, she registered the domain name, “” with Go Daddy and created a blog platform using Google’s  She also joined the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) which has chapters throughout the United States including New Mexico (“The Zia Sundials”). And, beginning on July 1, she will be a member of the NAWCC’s National Watch & Clock Library’s Library Collections Committee. 

The NAWCC’s library is the world’s only professionally staffed, specialized horological research library open to the public and has over 30,000 books, catalogs, and periodicals.  Its Archives contain company information from several American watch and clock companies, collections of advertisements and postcards featuring timepieces, and the papers of prominent horologists.

Maryhelen is also in the process of building her own personal library of books about wristwatches and discovering which blogging sites dealing with wristwatches and blogging strategies are germane to her new direction. 

Maryhelen would love to have fellow members of the Mountain West Chapter to visit her blog, and comment on it. 

Alexandria Caster On the Move West

Member Alexandria Caster, Archivist/Curator for the Tucson’s January 8th Memorial Foundation will be moving to Oregon in late summer.  Alexandria intends to remain active in the MW Chapter and the Winberta Yao Travel Award Committee.

Once settled in Oregon she will check out the ARLIS-NA Northwest Chapter.  Prior to her position at the Tucson’s January 8th Memorial Foundation, Alexandria worked at the Arizona Historical Society in Tucson. 

Alexandria received her MA in Information Resources and Library Science from the University of Arizona.  She has given presentations for the January 8th Memorial Foundation, and the Arizona Historical Society.

A recent presentation was a poster session entitled Visible Culture, Enduring Memory: Sharing Historic Photographs of Arizona’s Mexican Heritage with the Digital Generation at the Cultural Heritage Archives Symposium at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. in September 2013.

Editor's Note
Contributed by Marly Helm, Associate Librarian, Arizona State Museum

This is my last issue of The Mountain Ledger and I want to thank everyone who has contributed articles over the years to make the newsletter so enjoyable and informative.  It was the hope of the Membership Committee, who started The Mountain Ledger back in 2002, that it would become for members something they would come to think of as a bonus of their activity and service to the Chapter. 

It was also intended to serve as a link to those members unable to attend our annual meetings, keeping them up-to-date and involved with their colleagues and with issues that we all face.  I hope that under my tenure we were able to fulfill those goals.  I leave with a grateful “thank you” to my co-editor, Christiane Erbolato-Ramsey, our online editor, for her artful and creative presentation of the newsletter.  Nicole Beatty is taking over as the next editor and I hope everyone will continue to support her and the publication.


Newsletter Editor:
Marly Helm, Arizona State Museum Library, University of Arizona

Online Editor:
Christiane Erbolato-Ramsey, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University

August 1, 2014