ARLIS/Mountain West Chapter
Business Meeting
Saturday, October 14, 2006
Tucson, Arizona Marriott University Park Hotel

Attending:  Leslie Abrams, Lisa Blankenship, Jeanne Brown, Sandra Cowan, Katherine Estrella, Meredith Friedmann, Mary Graham, Tom Greives, Lise Hawkos, Marly Helm, Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, Jenni James, Peggy Keeran, Susan Koskinen, Carolyn Leigh, Nancy Pistorius, Susan Poorbaugh, Chris Ramsey, Tom Riedel, Mari Russell, Bethany Sewell, Paula Wolfe.

The meeting was called to order by Mari Russell, Chair.

Mary Graham and Lisa Blankenship, chapter conference co-chairs, reported that 26 people had registered for the conference.

Minutes from the Banff meeting were approved; Tom Riedel thanked Nancy Pistorius for stepping in to take the minutes since he was unable to travel to Banff.

Treasurer’s Report (Tom Riedel):

2006 Income thus far:

2006 membership dues 540.00
Donations to Winberta Yao Travel Award 125.00
Conference Registration  1,815.00
Total:   2,480.00
Account Balance: 4,954.37


2006 Expenses thus far:

ARLIS/NA Welcome Party donation:  200.00
Winberta Yao Travel Award:   700.00
Refund to ARLIS/NA for Santa Fe special funding 389.86
Estimated Tucson conference expenses 2,643.00
Total:  3,932.86

Estimated post-conference balance 2,311.00

Total number of MW members, 2006:  38 (down from 42 in 2005)

West Regional Representative Report: Susan Koskinen

Newsletter update.  Mari reported that Ellie Vaughter was willing to remain editor of The Mountain Ledger for another year, and encouraged those who had made commitments to send conference reports to Ellie to do so.

Website report.  Chris Ramsey let the group know that she was still willing to organize for our web page art and museum-related web sites that represent the states of our chapter.  Contact Chris with any suggestions.  Mari thanked Chris for the excellent work she has done maintaining our chapter web site.

Nominating Committee:  Nancy Pistorius reported that the positions of Vice Chair/Chair-Elect and Secretary-Treasurer needed to be filled for 2007.  She encouraged new members to consider participating in chapter leadership positions and asked that anyone who would like to make recommendations contact one of the members of the nominating committee (Nancy, Peggy Keeran, Ree Mobley).

ARLIS/NA Chapter Affiliation Agreement discussion and vote.  Susan Koskinen stated that the chapter affiliation agreement had been initiated because of an IRS inquiry about the legal relationship of chapters to ARLIS/NA.  Some of the questions raised in the discussion had to do with whether chapters would be free to create different categories of chapter membership that do not require membership in ARLIS/NA.  Some chapter members read the agreement as categorically stating that any member of the chapter must be a member of ARLIS/NA.  Others, including current ARLIS Executive Board members Susan Koskinen (Western Regional Representative) and Eumie Imm-Stroukoff (Secretary) stated that their understanding was that only chapter officers must be members of the larger organization and that we are free as a chapter to set different categories of membership (Affiliate, Retired, Student, etc.) Jeanne Brown made a motion to accept the Chapter Affiliation Agreement, Nancy Pistorius seconded.  The motion was approved with 18 yes votes, 1 no, and 2 abstentions.  By consensus, we agreed that we would like some clarification from ARLIS/NA about membership level issues.

Student Membership / Student fees.  Tom Riedel asked that this discussion be tabled until we know more from ARLIS/NA about what we able to do.

ARLIS/NA Annual Conference in Denver, 2008.  Peggy Keeran and Tom Riedel (Co-Chairs, Local Arrangements) reported that the dates for the Denver conference are set for April 30th – May 6th, 2008, and that ARLIS/NA has signed a contract with the Grand Hyatt hotel in downtown Denver.  The hotel is a half block from the 16th Street Mall, which has a free shuttle, and is within walking distance of dozens of restaurants, parks, the Denver Public Library and the Denver Art Museum. 

Jeanne Brown and Mary Graham, Program Co-Chairs, noted the need for volunteers, program and workshop proposals, and asked if anyone had ideas about a conference theme. 

A call was put out for volunteers for the “coordinator” positions needed for conference planning, and some were filled: 

Exhibits – Eumie Imm-Stroukoff and Carolyn Leigh; Publicity – Paula Wolfe; Registration/Hospitality – Tom Greives; Web Site – Chris Ramsey and Bethany Sewell; Silent Auction – Nancy Pistorius.  Tom and Peggy floated some ideas for tours, convocation and reception venues.

Chapter conference, 2007.  In Banff, it had been decided that should the 2008 ARLIS/NA conference be held in Denver, the chapter would switch locations from Salt Lake City to Denver for the 2007 meeting so that more members could be involved in conference planning.  That discussion was revisited, leading to the suggestion that the 2007 chapter conference be cancelled since 1) many members would be unable to attend the chapter conference if it didn’t have substantive programming, and 2) many of the decisions about programs, tours, etc. will be made at the Conference Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) meeting in Denver in August 2007, in advance of our regular autumn chapter meeting time.  Marly Helm made a motion not to have a 2007 chapter meeting and Eumie Imm-Stroukoff seconded.  Passed by acclimation.

The meeting was adjourned by Mari Russell.

Respectfully submitted, Tom Riedel

posted December 5, 2006
Chris Ramsey