ARLIS/MW Chapter Business Meeting
Portland, OR
Saturday, August 1, 2003

Present:  Tom Grieves, Tom Riedel, Kate Cunningham-Hendrix, Peggy Keeran (recorder),  Eumie Imm-Stroukoff (convener), Lise Hawkos, Melisa Nicoud, Christiane E. Ramsey, and Ellie Vaughter.

Executive Officers:
Frances B. Clymer, Chair
Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, Chair Elect
Jeanne Brown, Past Chair
Peggy Keeran, Secretary/Treasurer

The chapter met in Portland, Oregon for their annual meeting.  We were invited by the ARLIS/NW chapter, along with the Northern and Southern California chapters, to participate in a western regional meeting.  The conference, Artworks/Bookworks: Craft and Documentation in the Digital Age, was held July 31-August 2, 2003.

Reports for newsletter:
Timberline Lodge and presentation (Melissa), reception (Eumie), travel award winner (Kate), art books presentation (Lise), chapter business (Peggy), digital image panel (Chris), travel award donations (Tom R.).

ARLIS/MW history:
Peggy compiled a chronology of chapter officers by year from 1975-present, including both AZ and MW.  The list has been posted on the MW web site.  We discussed the various methods other chapters use to document their histories and decided to use the South East chapter as our model, which consists of a few sentences describing the highlights from each year.

Travel award:
Tom Riedel, chair of the travel award committee, will revise the guidelines to state the new deadline for the travel award for the following fiscal year.  The deadline will be in December of each year.  Once he has adjusted the guidelines, Peggy Keeran will submit to the membership for approval.  Peggy will add a range of donation levels to the member application form to solicit donations.  Over the next year, we will begin discussing methods for raising funds for the travel award and the chapter in general.

Chapter budget:
Peggy reported on the budget and expenditures to date. The chapter has 30 members. Membership fees are $15.00/year.

Membership surveys:
Eumie announced she received about 10-12 responses to the membership survey.  She will analyze the information and decide the next step for membership recruitment.

Communication for board members:
Melisa suggested we will try using MS Instant Messenger rather than a Yahoo chat room.  Conference calls were also put forth as a solution.  The executive committee will try MS Instant Messenger to see if this helps facilitate communication.

Next chapter meeting:
Denver, fall of 2004
Arizona, 2005 (suggested)
Santa Fe, 2006 (suggested)

Marketing our libraries:
Melisa asked how others promote their libraries to the community outside the organization.  She had bookmarks, with contact information and brief descriptions of the collections, made which she can hand out.  She has suggested to her organization that she hold a mystery dinner.  Tom G. suggested an author dinner.  Eumie suggested putting together a web page with contact information.  Another suggestion was to send information about the library to the state library and have a link from there.

MW web site:
Chris asked for feedback on the web site.  If there are any suggestions, please let her know.