ARLIS/NA Mountain West Chapter Meeting
Monday, April 19th, 3:00-4:00 p.m., NYC

Present: Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, Tom Riedel, Polly McCord, Julie Williamsen, Chris Ramsey, Lisa Blankenship, Nancy Pistorius, Peggy Keeran, Frances Clymer, Mary Ellen Lawrence, Jeanne Brown.

We began with introductions, and welcomed three new members: Julie Williamsen from BYU, Mary Ellen Lawrence from the Art Institute of Colorado, and Lisa Blankenship from the University of Northern Colorado.

Membership update: we have 31 chapter members, up one from the previous year. State membership coordinators are responsible for identifying potential new members, library school students and lapsed members to get them involved with the chapter. Miguel Juarez has arranged a gathering at the Heard Museum in Phoenix as a means to bring in more Arizona members; Kate Cunningham-Hendrix has moved from Colorado to New York, so Lisa Blankenship volunteered to fill the position of state coordinator for Colorado.

Chapter budget: the budget currently stands at $3,702.39. Income: 31 memberships times $15 ($450), Winberta Yao Travel Award donations ($150), income from joint conference in Portland ($249). Recent expenditures: donation to ARLIS/NA welcome party, $200, and deposit for welcome party for chapter welcome party in Denver, $100.
Action item: Peggy will ask the Executive Board if we need to present them with a more elaborate financial report at the end of the year.

Winberta Yao Travel Award: This year’s travel award will go to Alessia Zanin-Yost from Montana State University in Bozeman. Alessia plans to attend the chapter conference in Denver. Tom will step down from the Travel Award Committee since he has taken on Secretary/Treasurer duties for the remainder of Peggy Keeran’s term (Peggy was elected to the ARLIS/NA executive board as Western Regional Representative, so can no longer hold the chapter office).
Action item: Eumie will contact Mary Graham regarding travel award committee leadership.

Fundraising Committee: Frances reported that she is, as far as she knows, the only person on the committee. Mary Ellen volunteered to join the committee; Eumie mentioned that Miguel Juarez volunteered to serve on the Committee. The committee will look at raising money for the travel award, speaker honoraria, chapter workshops, welcome party, and other expenses as needed.
Action item: Frances will contact Miguel.

Conference Committee: Peggy and Tom are handling local arrangements in Denver; Nancy will coordinate the program. The conference will be held September 30, October 1st and 2nd in Denver at the Oxford Hotel in LoDo. The opening party is scheduled for Thursday September 30th at Dixons Downtown Grill, a block from the Oxford and next door to the Tattered Cover book store. We’ll plan to have program sessions Friday and part of Saturday morning, a business meeting Saturday morning, and a tour in the afternoon. Possible tours: Red Rocks, or the new Denver Art Museum addition, designed by Daniel Liebeskind. One possible program/workshop could be related to digitization at the Denver Public Library.
Action item: Nancy will put out a call for papers.

Marilyn Russell is pursuing arrangements for a joint conference with the Central Plains chapter in Santa Fe in 2005. We voted to ignore shameless marketing calls from Reno, Nevada to hold an upcoming chapter conference there. Action item: Eumie will put 2006 conference site on the agenda for the Denver business meeting and also mention it on the MW listserv.

Newsletter: Newsletter editor Polly McCord said that we can expect a newsletter reporting on the Big ARLIS conference, and another before the fall chapter meeting. Submissions are encouraged, and can range from information professional to personal. Digital photographs are also encouraged.

Submitted by Tom Riedel, ARLIS/MW Secretary/Treasurer