ARLIS/NA Mountain West Chapter
Business Meeting

Saturday, April 24, 2010   |  8-9am
Seaport Hotel | Boston, MA

Attendees: Marly Helm, Nancy Pistorius, Alexandria Caster, Jennifer Mayer, Jeanne Brown, Meredith Kahn, Joan Benedetti, Nina Stephenson, Chris Ramsey.

Officers: Marly Helm, Chair; Meredith Kahn, Chair-Elect/Vice-Chair; Liz Ehrnst, Secretary/Treasurer; Jennifer Mayer, Past Chair.

Minutes: contributed by Chris Ramsey.

1. Introductions

Marly Helm, Chapter Chair, conducted the meeting and attendees introduced themselves.

2. Approval/Corrections to the Minutes of Nov. 12, 2009 (Virtual Meeting): Liz Ehrnst

The November 12, 2009 minutes were unanimously approved and no corrections were noted.

3. Treasurer's Report : Liz Ehrnst

4. President's Report: Marly Helm

a. Bylaw revisions adopted December 2009
Chair Marly Helm reminded members of the latest revision of the chapter's bylaws in December 2009, adopted via e-mail vote.

b. Executive Committee e-mail vote on Winberta Yao Travel Award

c. Chapter Contribution to ARLIS/NA Welcome Party
The Chapter contributed $100 towards the ARLIS/NA Welcome Party.

d. Mountain West Brochure for ARLIS/NA Conference Membership Table
Chris Ramsey provided a flyer with basic information about the Mountain West Chapter and the website url for promotion of ARLIS/NA chapters at the membership table.

e. Representing Chapter at ARLIS/NA Conference Leadership Breakfast

f. Committees Continuation into 2010
Our bylaws require a review of the chapter bylaws every five years, and the last review was conducted in December 2009. Consequently, for the time being, the Bylaws Committee will not meet until the next review.

5. Committee Reports

a. State Membership Coordinators
Marly Helm (AZ), Tom Riedel (CO), Jenni James (NM), Chris Ramsey (UT), Jennifer Mayer (WY and MT)
Marly Helm reviewed the list of current State Coordinators and reminded everyone of the task to find and recruit new members in all states. There is a GoogleDoc file that has been created to inventory the art-related institutions in each state. State coordinators are encouraged to add information to the document online and identify potential members.

b. Winberta Yao Travel Award: Nina Stephenson, Chair
Nancy Pistorius announced that she will retire this week (congratulations, Nancy!), but kindly accepted to continue to participate in the Travel Award Committee with Nina Stephenson as Chair. Nina Stephenson announced and introduced the winner of the Travel Award this year, Alexandria Caster. Alexandria has an undergraduate degree in Art History and is currently a graduate student  at the University of Arizona's School of Information Resources and Library Science. She will do a blog about her experience at ARLIS/NA.

c. Nominating: Jennifer Mayer, Chair
Jennifer Mayer and Marly Helm will work on putting out a call for volunteers to serve on the Nominating Committee, which will be responsible for finding candidates for the MW Vice-Chair/Chair Elect and Secretary/Treasurer positions for the January - December 2011 period.   Liz's term as Secretary/Treasurer will be up in 2 years.


6. Other Business

a. 2010 Chapter Fall Conference: Virtual or On-site or Joint: Meredith Kahn

b. The Mountain Ledger, Summer edition: Marly Helm
Marly Helm reminded members of the upcoming Summer edition of The Mountain Ledger, and encouraged everyone to submit articles.

7. Acknowledgments and Thanks: Marly Helm

Marly extended thanks to: Nina Stephenson and Nancy Pistorius for their work on the Winberta Yao Travel Award Committee; Chris Ramsey for her work on the chapter website; Liz Ehrnst for her work as Secretary/Treasurer; and to Jennifer Mayer for her work as Past Chair.

8. Adjourn

With no other business, the meeting adjourned at 9am.

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