Art Libraries Society of North America - Mountain West Chapter
Fall 2010 Business Meeting
Virtual via GoToMeeting

November 9, 2010 |   10AM MST

Morgan Breitenstein, Liz Ehrnst, Marly Helm, Jenny James, Meredith Kahn, Peggy Keeran, Jennifer Mayer, Chris Ramsey, Tom Riedel, Betsey Shepardson, Nina Stephenson, Vanessa Kam

Officers: Marly Helm, Chair; Meredith Kahn, Chair-Elect/Vice-Chair; Liz Ehrnst, Secretary/Treasurer; Jennifer Mayer, Past Chair

Minutes: contributed by Elizabeth Ehrnst

1. Introductions

Marly Helm, Chapter Chair, welcomed the attendees, explained how to use GotoMeeting software, and introduced Vanessa Kam, ARLIS-NA Chapter Liaison.

2. ARLIS/NA Chapter Liaison Report (Vanessa Kam)

Vanessa Kam, ARLIS-NA Chapter Liaison, introduced the preliminary goals from the ARLIS/NA Strategic Planning Committee and asked for feedback from the chapter members.

The seven goals discussed by the members included: new directions and identity for the profession; stronger leadership position taken by ARLIS/NA; risk management and stewardship of our collections; collaboration and partnerships; internationalism; research and development, network sharing and knowledge; and management, mentoring, and transition skills expansion.

Vanessa Kam will relay member input back to the ARLIS/NA Strategic Planning Committee. She also put out an appeal to chapter members to send her comments on any experiences with TEI, the ARLIS/NA management firm.

3. Approval of the Meeting Minutes of April 24, 2010, Boston, MA

The minutes of the Chapter Spring meeting at the Boston conference were approved as posted online.

Available online at http://arlisna-mw.lib.byu.edu/minutes_boston.html

4. Treasurer's Report (Liz Ehrnst)

a. Chapter Contribution to 2011 ARLIS-NA / VRA Annual Conference Discussion.
The 2010 contribution was $100, which was reported to be consistent with other similar sized chapter contribution amounts. Motion and second to give $100 contribution to the 2011 ARLIS-NA / VRA Annual Conference. All approve.

b. Winberta Yao Travel Award for 2011 Discussion.
The 2010 contribution was $500, which was reported to remain generous compared to other chapter travel award amounts. Motion and second to continue award amount of $500. All approve.

5. Chair's Report (Marly Helm)

a. Future Conferences
Marly Helm reminded members that a joint conference with the Southern California Chapter was not possible since they will be busy working on the upcoming ARLIS/NA 2013 annual conference in Pasadena. At the 2010 spring chapter meeting, Santa Fe, New Mexico was presented as an option for an upcoming onsite conference but all potential local organizers declined.

With a growing member base, Salt Lake City, Utah was presented as another possibility for an onsite conference and Utah members will be contacted to see if they will host the next chapter meeting/conference.

b. Contributions
The Chapter contributed $100 towards the ARLIS/NA Welcome Party and $125 towards the joint ARLIS/NA and VRA Summer Educational Institute held in Albuquerque.

6. Committee and Volunteer (Non-Elected Position) Reports

a. Conference Committee Report (Meredith Kahn)

It was reported that the November 4th Mountain West Chapter virtual conference, Adapt, Evolve, Transform: Current Issues in Art Information, was a success with sixteen attendees. Meredith Kahn noted that the RegOnline conference registration went smoothly but registering for the GotoWeb conference was slightly more confusing.
Virtual conference planning takes just as much time, if not more, as an onsite conference and that it is more complicated to moderate and present due to technology involved.
Despite this, Meredith Kahn reminded everyone that we need to become more comfortable with virtual meetings and conferences as they become more common practice. She encouraged all members to give feedback and reminded members to complete the online conference evaluation.
Members gave many thanks to Meredith for her efforts in moderating and organizing the virtual conference.

b. Nominating Committee (Jennifer Mayer)

The Nominating Committee sent out requests to qualified members to serve as the 2011 Mountain West Vice Chair, but all potential candidates declined. This was followed with a general call for nominations on the chapter listserv; however, no positive responses were received.
At this time, no nominations were received from the floor for Vice-Chair and discussion was continued under New Business, Future of the Chapter.

c. State Membership Coordinators: Marly Helm (AZ), Tom Riedel (CO), Jenni James (NM), Chris Ramsey (UT), Jennifer Mayer (WY and MT)

Coordinators reported individually on membership invitations sent out via email and responses.
Marly Helm reminded all members of the GoogleDoc file for tracking potential new members/member institutions and she encouraged coordinators to continue to add information.

7. Old Business: None

8. New Business

Future of Chapter (Marly Helm, Jennifer Mayer)
With no nominees for Vice Chair, members discussed options for moving forward as a chapter. Suggestions included: dissolve chapter, merge with another chapter, or become a special interest group.
Chapter members felt the membership was already too geographically spread out to merge successfully with another chapter.

After much discussion, Peggy Keeran offered to serve as a candidate for the Mountain West chapter Vice Chair position. The election will take place in early December via email ballots. A write in candidate option will be available.

9. Announcements and Acknowledgments

Marly extended thanks to: Meredith Kahn for her work on the virtual conference; Chris Ramsey for her work on the chapter’s website and Information Flyer; Liz Ehrnst for her work as Secretary/Treasurer and RegOnline coordination for the virtual conference; Jennifer Mayer for her work as Past Chair; Nomination Committee members: Jennifer Mayer, Jeanne Brown and Eumie Imm-Stroukofff, and all those members who contributed articles for the chapter’s Mountain Ledger newsletter.

10. Adjournement

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