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To promote activities for the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) within the Mountain West states and engage in activities consistent with that purpose.


ARLIS/MW was established in 1996 by librarians from Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming, with an interest in the development of art library resources within those states. Prior to 1996, the chapter was the "ARLIS/Arizona Chapter", established in 1978.


Advocate for art librarians in museum, professional, and educational organizations. Provide educational opportunities in the form of guest speakers and tours of libraries, museums, and art collections across the Western region.

Membership Requirements and Application

To be an ARLIS/NA-MW chapter member, one must also be a member of ARLIS/NA. Non-member affiliates, who are not required to be ARLIS/NA members, may participate in certain chapter activities but may not hold office or vote.

Annual membership dues are $25 (January 1 to December 31.) Payments received after October 1 will be applied to the following calendar year.

To join, you can submit an application online or by mail:

  • ONLINE: Fill out the ONLINE FORM and pay through PayPal (PayPal user account not required)

  • BY MAIL: Print the PDF PRINT FORM and send it with a check payable to "ARLIS/NA-MW" to:

    Rebecca Potance
    ARLIS/NA-MW Secretary/Treasurer
    PO Box 2087
    Santa Fe, NM 87504

Advantages of Membership in ARLIS/NA

  • Established forum for professional development
  • Current information on trends in the field
  • Direct contact with colleagues
  • Access to experts
  • Advance notice of society activities
  • Free Art Documentation, ARLIS/NA Update, Handbook, List of Members
  • Access to local, national, and international networks
  • Discounts on publications and conference registration fees
  • Eligibility for conference travel awards
  • Job Registry