ARLIS/NA Mountain West Chapter
Business Meeting
Monday, April 4, 2005 | 6:30-8:00pm
Houston, Texas
Hilton Americas, Big Couch

Attending: Nancy Pistorius, Marilyn Russell, Tom Riedel, Allison Colborne, Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, Peggy Keeran, Jennifer Parker, Tom Greives

Chair’s remarks: Nancy let us know that of the 10 chapter members attending the conference, three are on the ARLIS/NA Executive Board.

Chair-elect’s remarks: Marilyn told us that it was good to working in this capacity with the chapter and that she was looking forward to updating us on preparations for the chapter conference in Santa Fe.

Secretary-Treasurer’s report: Tom noted that our membership of 29 is down 8 from last year. Some long-term members have not yet renewed, and some don’t renew until toward the end of the year when they are registering for the chapter conference. We donated $200 to the Houston Welcome Party, leaving a balance of $3895.68.

Regional rep report: Peggy reported that ARLIS/NA is seeking member profiles for the web site—the current featured member is our own Marilyn Russell. The EB is working on changing the deadline for chapter special funding requests so that it is better timed to support fall chapter meetings. The chapter was awarded $500 to support our Santa Fe conference. Our goals for the year should keep in mind the ARLIS/NA Strategic Plan and core competencies.

Membership report: Nancy said we need volunteers to replace Montana and Arizona state representatives on the membership committee, since Alessia Zanin-Yost and Miguel Juarez have taken positions outside our chapter. Also, Lisa Blankenship said she would be willing to step down as the Colorado representative if someone else was interested. Jennifer Parker, also a member of the ARLIS/NA Membership Committee, volunteered to serve as the Colorado representative.

Travel award: Allison reported that we had only one applicant for the travel award, and the applicant was not a chapter member so therefore was ineligible.

Fundraising: ARLIS/NA bylaws prohibit Eumie, as an Executive Board member, from serving as Chair of the chapter fundraising committee, so other members will be needed. Nancy and Marilyn will follow up.

Fall Chapter Conference report: October 27-30, Inn of the Governors, Santa Fe. Marilyn has sent out the call for papers with a July 1 deadline. Possible speakers on program: Daniel Starr, Nancy Allen. Pat Wagner from Pattern Research in Denver has been booked, as has Barbara Lynes from the O’Keeffe Museum as keynote speaker. Thursday evening registration at hotel or on Canyon Road? The case was made for a nice reception, and the planners were encouraged not to try to cut corners. Other possibilities: Ghost Tour? (Eumie volunteered to attend one before committing). Library tours? Tour to Taos? Tom will handle registration for all attendees, and profits will be split with the Central Plains chapter based on number of attendees from each. Allison has already completed the restaurant guide, and it will be forwarded to Chris Ramsey so it can be put on the chapter web page.

2006 Chapter Conference progress: Tucson?

Newsletter update: everyone who volunteered to write a conference report for The Mountain Ledger should get information to Ellie Vaughter.

Web site update: it looks good to us, and Chris Ramsey was commended. Planners for the Santa Fe conference will supply information to Chris to post on web site.

Chapter archives: Nancy will write a proposal to the head of archives at University of New Mexico to see if they would be willing to house our archives.

Other business: Travel award will be reposted for Santa Fe. Allison will follow up with Mary Graham. We were asked by Headquarters via Nancy whether we would like to be able to view conference sessions by video or streaming video. We thought it would be useful to have access to PowerPoint notes, but didn’t see a need to have web access to videotaped presentations.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Riedel
ARLIS/MW Secretary/Treasurer

posted 04/18/05