ARLIS/NA-Mountain West Chapter Meeting
Friday, May 2, 2008 | 4-5pm
Grand Hyatt Hotel | Denver, Colorado


Minutes contributed by Nancy Pistorius, Recording Secretary

Attendees: Lisa Blankenship, Out-going Chair; Paula Wolf, Incoming Chair; Mary Graham, Tom Riedel, Leslie Trimble, Jeanne Brown, James Ascher, Marly Helm, Chris Ramsey, Peggy Keeran, Julie Williamsen, Jennifer Parker, Jenni James, Erica Church, Glen Plum, Nancy Pistorius, recording.


1. Introduction of new officers

The chapter Executive Board decided to suspend the by-laws for another year and have Paula Wolf serve as the chair for the remainder of 2008 and through 2009. For this time period, Lisa will serve as past-chair, and Jennifer Mayer was elected as Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. Jennifer Parker continues as secretary/treasurer. Elections for 2010 officers will be during our Fall 2009 conference.

2. Reports

3. Vacant Committee Positions – Membership, Nominating, State Coordinators

We let the vacancies go for this year due to everyone’s commitments to the national conference planning and preparations. Committee members are out of date on the website. Questioned and discussed why we have a membership committee and if is still needed. Paula and Lisa will check the by-laws for clarification regarding the activities of the membership committee and the state coordinators. There was agreement that committee membership lists needed updating and since fundraising was related to conferences, it needs to be someone local to the conference sites.

4. Newsletter Discussion – lead by Editor Marly Helm

The Spring issue was delayed in favor of Summer issue and two issues a year were proposed. Marly inquired if the membership had any suggestions for the The Mountain Ledger regarding topics, frequency, etc. Rather than discussion which is covered by the ARLIS/MW-L listserv it was suggested that members write about what they are doing, projects, job profiles, and personal profiles.

5. Other Business

There was discussion of having a Fall 2008 chapter conference in Utah or seeking a joint Mountain West and Southern California in Southern California. Attendees voted not to meet in Fall of 2008 but to pursue a possible 2009 joint conference with the Southern and/or Northern California Chapters. Mary Graham will contact Leslie Abrams, who is both a member of our chapter and the Southern California Chapter, regarding the possibility. Lisa will contact Angel to see if any local arrangements have been made for a Mountain West Fall 2008 Chapter Meeting in Salt Lake and if so, the need to cancel them.

There was discussion of applying to ARLIS/NA for funds to support a joint MW/SC chapter conference. Paula will talk with Eumie regarding the process since she applied for and received funding for the Mountain West/Central Plains joint meeting in Santa Fe. The objective is to learn whether the process is worth the effort since the chapter had to pay back to the National Society when in made a profit at the Santa Fe joint chapter meeting

Lisa and Paula will clean-up the committee lists and review the by-laws for any necessary changes. Lisa will ask Jennifer Mayer if she is willing to extend her term as described in #1. Lisa encouraged another year of flexibility as we recover from the national conference and implement review and clean-up activities regarding committee memberships and the resultant impact on the website.

Lisa extended kudos to Chris Ramsey for daily website updates.
Also thanks to Leslie Trumble for assisting with Silent Auction be providing a Denver mailing address for donations. Thanks were extended to Nina Stephenson for the photo gallery of auction donations and to Nancy Pistorius for coordinating donations to the Silent Auction. Nancy expressed her thanks to everyone who contributed to the auction and devoted time during it’s implementation. The auction made $3116 for the Society.

Attendees thanked Lisa for keeping the chapter running during the past year.