ARLIS/NA Mountain West Chapter
Business Meeting Minutes
Saturday, October 2, 2004
Denver, CO

Present: Lisa Blankenship, Jeanne Brown, Frances Clymer, Allison Colborne, Susan Ferrer-Vinent, Mary Graham, Lise Hawkos, Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, Miguel Juarez, Peggy Keeran, Margaret Landesman, Mary Ellen Lawrence, Jennifer Parker, Glenn Pflum, Nancy Pistorius, Chris Ramsey, Tom Riedel, Kay Wisnia, Alessia Zanin-Yost.

1. Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, Chapter President, called the meeting to order and welcomed new members.

2. Finance report: Tom Riedel, Chapter Secretary-Treasurer (attached)

3. Membership committee report: Polly, Peggy and Eumie will be stepping down as members of the membership committee. Anyone interested in filling one of their positions should contact Eumie.

4. Travel Award Committee report, Tom Riedel. Tom reported that Alessia Zanin-Yost from Montana State University was the recipient of this year’s Winberta Yao Travel Award. The award helped fund Alessia’s participation in the Mountain West conference. Tom has stepped down as chair of the committee and Mary Graham has taken over that position. Allison Colborne from the College of Santa Fe has been appointed as a new member on the Travel Award Committee.

5. Nominating Committee report. Frances Clymer reported that the Nominating Committee has secured a full slate of candidates for 2005. Marilyn Russell from the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe has agreed to stand as Chair Elect and Tom Riedel has agreed to stand as Secretary Treasurer. Elections will be held shortly.

6. Denver Conference Committee report. Peggy Keeran and Tom Riedel reported that 25 people were registered for the Denver conference.

7. Santa Fe Conference Committee report. Eumie reported that the 2005 chapter conference will be held jointly with the Central Plains chapter in Santa Fe from October 27th to 29th at the Inn of the Governors. Eumie will be working with the Mountain West chapter’s Albuquerque and Santa Fe members as well as with Central Plains on the program and local arrangements. Power Point presentations will be posted on the conference web site.

8. Newsletter editor and listserv manager . Eumie reported that Polly McCord, intrepid newsletter editor and listserv manager, would be stepping down after years of distinguished service. There was a round of applause to recognize Polly’s good work. There are candidates for these positions, yet to be decided.

9. Conference handbook and Chapter history. Eumie noted that this item had been on previous meeting agendas, but hadn’t yet been resolved. It is the sense of the chapter that a chapter history would consist primarily of lists of officers, programs and minutes from chapter meetings. It was agreed that compiling chapter history should not fall to the secretary/treasurer. Peggy said she still has chapter archives, and would like to find a permanent home for them. Nancy Pistorius said she will check with the University of New Mexico to see if they could house our archives. Alessia Zanin-Yost volunteered to help Peggy and Nancy on the chapter history. Frances, Peggy, Nancy, and Eumie will work on a conference handbook. Marilyn Russell will be asked if she would also like to work on the conference handbook.

10. 2006 chapter conference. Suggested locales: Montana, Salt Lake City, Tucson. It was moved and seconded to have the 2006 meeting in Tucson and the 2007 meeting in Utah. The motion carried.

11. Other business. Gilda Santana and Lise Hawkos raised the issue of better coordination between ARLIS/NA and VRA at the chapter level. It was suggested that art librarians at various institutions be more proactive in getting their VR professionals on board with ARLIS. It was also suggested that the 2006 conference could be a joint conference of ARLIS and VRA members from the chapter.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Riedel
ARLIS/MW Secretary/Treasurer

posted 11/24/2004