ARLIS/MW Chapter Business Meeting
Baltimore, MD
Sunday, March 23, 2003

Present:  Jeanne Brown, Frances Clymer, Tom Grieves, Marilyn Russell, Nina Stephenson, Polly Trump, Tom Riedel, Miguel Juarez, Kate Cunningham-Hendrix, Mary Graham, Peggy Keeran (recorder), Deborah Koshinsky, and Eumie Imm-Stroukoff.

Next chapter meeting:
ARLIS/MW will have a joint meeting/conference sponsored by the ARLIS/Northwest, ARLIS/Northern California, ARLIS/Southern California, and ARLIS/MW chapters from July 31-August 3, 2003.  The theme of the conference is “Artworks/Bookworks: Craft and Documentation in the Digital Age.”  Brochures for the conference were passed around.  Eumie will serve as chair for the business meeting because Frances can’t attend.  The issue about the registration fee of over $100 was raised, but, because meals are included, it was determined that contributed to the higher costs of the meeting.

ARLIS/MW history:
Peggy reported that she has received the ARLIS/Arizona and the ARLIS/MW papers from Genni, but hasn’t been able to devote any time to compiling a history of the chapter.  She will do it.

Travel award:
Tom Riedel, chair of the travel award committee, asked that the amount of the award be raised and that we allow individuals to apply for travel funds to either the MW meeting or the national meeting.  The discussion included ideas about who should be eligible to apply and possibly including travel funds for other types of events, such as workshops.  Tom and his committee will talk with other chapters to see how they handle the financials of such awards as well as selection criteria, etc.

Membership surveys:
Eumie announced she received only a couple of responses to the membership surveys.  She will have the survey posted to the ARLIS/MW web site and post another email to the listserv telling everyone about the survey.  Everyone should fill out the survey and return to Eumie.
The meeting was adjourned in a hurry because several people had to go to another meeting.