ARLIS Mountain West Chapter
2006 Annual Report

Submitted by: Marilyn Russell, 2006 Chair

2006 Chapter Officers

Chair:  Marilyn Russell, Institute of American Indian Arts
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect:  Lisa Blankenship, University of Northern Colorado
Past-Chair:  Nancy Pistorius, University of New Mexico
Secretary-Treasurer:  Tom Riedel, Regis University
ARLIS/NA West Regional Rep:  Susan Koskinen, University of California at Berkeley


2007 Incoming Chapter Officers

Chair:  Lisa Blankenship, University of Northern Colorado
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect:  Paula Wolfe, University of Arizona
Past-Chair:  Marilyn Russell, Haskell Indian Nations University
Secretary-Treasurer:  Jennifer Parker, University of Colorado
ARLIS/NA West Regional Rep:  Susan Koskinen, University of California at Berkeley



The Mountain West Chapter held two business meetings during 2006.  The first meeting was held at the ARLIS/NA Annual Conference in Banff, Alberta, Canada on May 8, 2006.  The next meeting was held at the ARLIS/Mountain West Conference in Tucson, Arizona on October 14, 2006.  13 members attended the Banff business meeting and 22 members attended the Tucson business meeting.  Minutes are available at:



October 12-15, 2006 the ARLIS/Mountain West Chapter held their annual conference at the Arizona Marriott University Hotel in Tucson.  Over 30 members and guests attended the opening reception, various sessions by members and guest speakers, tours, and social functions.  Volume 5, number 3 of The Mountain Ledger has the session reports and speaker summaries for the conference.  Mary Graham and Lisa Blankenship co-chaired the local arrangements and the programming for the event.  Other members of these committees were for local arrangements:  Nancy Chilton and Marly Helm and for programming: Tom Greives and Peggy Keeran.  Tom Riedel was responsible for registration and Chris Ramsey posted the program to the chapter website.



As of October 2006, the ARLIS/Mountain West chapter account balance thus far was $4,954.37.  2006 expenses thus far were $3,932.86.  Estimated post-conference balance as of October 2006 was $2,311.



Winberta Yao Travel Award

The recipient of the 2006 Winberta Yao Travel Award was Angelica Moyes, Librarian at the Salt Lake City Public Library.  Angel attended the ARLIS/NA Conference in Banff, Alberta, Canada.  Angelica was awarded $700.

Membership and  Fundraising

These committees had assigned coordinators:  They were:

Arizona: Tom Greives; Colorado: Jennifer Parker; Nevada: Jeanne Brown; New Mexico: Jenni James; and Utah: Chris Ramsey.


The nominating committee consisted of Nancy Pistorius, Chair along with Peggy Keeran and Ree Mobley.  Paula Wolfe was elected as the vice-chair/chair-elect for 2007.  Her term will begin at the ARLIS/NA Annual Conference in Atlanta in April, 2007.  Jennifer Parker was elected for a two year term as secretary/treasurer.



Chapter Web Page

Christiane Ramsey, Brigham Young University, continued as our web mistress making changes as needed and posting conference programs, meeting minutes, and issues of The Mountain Ledger and maintaining the website in general.

The Mountain Ledger

Ellie Vaughter, Platt College Library, continues as the editor of the chapter newsletter and published three issues in 2006.  The issues are available at:


Lisa Blakenship, University of Northern Colorado, served as the list manager during 2006.