ARLIS Mountain West Chapter
2005 Annual Report

Submitted by: Nancy Pistorius, 2005 Chair

2005 Chapter Officers

Chair: Nancy Pistorius, University of New Mexico
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Marilyn Russell, Institute of American Indian Arts
Past-Chair: Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum
Secretary-Treasurer: Tom Riedel, Regis University
ARLIS/NA Western Regional Representative: Peggy Keeran, University of Denver

2006 Incoming Chapter Officers

Chair: Marilyn Russell, Institute of American Indian Arts
Vice-Chair/Chair-elect: Lisa Blankenship, University of Northern Colorado
Past-Chair: Nancy Pistorius, University of New Mexico
Secretary-Treasurer: Tom Riedel, Regis University
ARLIS/NA Western Regional Representative: Peggy Keeran, University of Denver



The Mountain West Chapter held two business meetings during 2005. The first was at the ARLIS/NA Annual conference in Houston, TX, on April 4, 2005 and the next was during the ARLIS/MW and Central Plains joint annual meeting in Santa Fe, NM, October 29th, 2005.  8 members attended the Houston business meeting while 18 attended the Santa Fe business meeting. Minutes are available at:



October 27th – 30th, 2005 the Mountain West and Central Plains chapters of ARLIS/NA held a joint 2005 annual conference at the Inn of the Governors in Santa Fe, NM.  Over 40 members and guests gathered for  various sessions covering contributions of museums and libraries to Native American Research and artwork, time management, primary source research and the visual arts, cataloging first aid, recruiting new art librarians, and team teaching.  Volume 4, number 3 of The Mountain Ledger has reports on several of these sessions. Marilyn Russell and Eumie Imm-stroukoff co-chaired a programming and local arrangements committee that included Allison Colborne, Ree Mobley, Jenni James, Stephanie Owen, and Nancy Pistorius. Tom Riedel was responsible for registration and Chris Ramsey posted the program to the chapter web site.

The 2006 chapter conference will be held in Tucson, AZ, in the Fall of 2006. Mary Graham accompanied by others in the area is in charge of local arrangements.



As of December 2005, the ARLIS/MW balance was _____________. Besides expenses for the joint conference, the chapter donated $200 to the Houston Welcome Party.



Winberta Yao Travel Award

There were no elibible applicants for the travel award for the ARLIS/NA annual conference so the award was again offered for the October chapter conference.

Jennifer Parker, Art and Architecture Librarian at the University of Colorado at Boulder, was the successful recipient of the award.  At the joint conference she presented a paper entitled “Right in our Own Backyard: Recruiting Art Librarians from Art and Art History Programs”.

Membership and  Fundraising

These committees were inactive during 2005. Several key members moved to other chapters and recruiting replacements was problematic.


Allison Colborne joined Nancy Pistorius on the Nominating Committee.  Lisa Blankenship was unanimously elected as the vice-chair/chair-elect for 2006.  Tom Riedel continues in the second year of a two year term as secretary/treasurer.

Chapter History and Archives           

Peggy Keeran and Nancy Pistorius will continue work on the chapter history. It is hoped that the chapter archives will be housed at the University of New Mexico Center for Southwest Research.



Chapter Web Page

Christiane Ramsey, Brigham Young University, continued as our intrepid web mistress making changes as needed and posting conference programs, meeting minutes, and issues of The Mountain Ledger and maintaining the website in general.

The Mountain Ledger

Ellie Vaughter, Platt College Library, took over editorship of the chapter newsletter and published three issues in 2005. The issues are available at:


Lisa Blankenship, University of Northern Colorado, served as the list manager during 2005.