ARLIS Mountain West Chapter
Annual Report 2004

Submitted by: Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, 2004 Chair
Telephone: (505) 946-1011
Fax: (505) 946-1093

2004 Chapter Officers

Chair: Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Nancy Pistorius, University of New Mexico
Past-Chair: Frances Clymer, Buffalo Bill Historical Center Library
Secretary-Treasurer: Tom Riedel, Regis University
ARLIS/NA Western Regional Representative: Peggy Keeran, University of Denver

2005 Incoming Chapter Officers

Chair: Nancy Pistorius, University of New Mexico
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Marilyn Russell, Institute of American Indian Arts
Past-Chair: Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum
Secretary-Treasurer: Tom Riedel, Regis University
ARLIS/NA Western Regional Representative: Peggy Keeran, University of Denver


The MW chapter held two business meetings in 2004 – one on April 19, 2004 during the annual conference in New York and the other on October 2, 2004 during the ARLIS/MW chapter conference in Denver. 11 members attended the New York business meeting; minutes of this meeting are available at: 19 members attended the business meeting in Denver; minutes of this meeting are available at:

Colorado held an individual state meeting in 2003 to further communication between its members. As a continuation of these individual state meetings, Arizona members met in Phoenix on June 4, 2004. The group enjoyed lunch at the Art Museum Café at the Phoenix Art Museum and then held their meeting at The Heard Museum. Arizona membership state coordinator Miguel Juarez, along with Mario Nick Klimaides and Genni Houlihan, coordinated the event. The group is eager to meet again and with some regularity.


Chapter Conference

The chapter conference in Denver was very successful with 25 registrants. Peggy Keeran and Tom Riedel worked extremely hard to put together a stimulating and information-packed conference. Other conference committee members included Chris Ramsey, who put the conference information on the website and published the printed program, and Nancy Pistorius, who assisted with the programming. The conference web site, program, reports, and photographs are available at:

The 2005 chapter conference will be held jointly with the Central Plains chapter in Santa Fe, October 27-29, 2005 at the Inn of the Governors. Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, Marilyn Russell, Allison Colborne, and Ree Mobley will be working with the Mountain West chapter’s Albuquerque and Santa Fe members as well as with Central Plains on the program and local arrangements.
At the Denver business meeting, Frances Clymer, Peggy Keeran, Nancy Pistorius, and Eumie Imm-Stroukoff agreed to work on a chapter conference handbook.

Treasurer’s Report

The balance as of December 2004 was $3,680.68.


The MW chapter continues to grow. In 2004 we had 37 members, an increase from 30 members in 2003 and 26 members in 2002.

The Membership Committee consisted of co-chairs, Eumie Imm-Stroukoff and Polly McCord and member Peggy Keeran. The committee appointed state coordinators in each MW state to assist with membership recruitment. The committee encouraged individual states to hold separate meetings to further communication between librarians within each of the states. Eumie summarized the results of the 2003 membership survey for the board and chapter conference planning committee members to review.


Chapter Home page:
Christiane Ramsey is the web master of the MW chapter web site. The following information can be found on this site: chapter officers and committee members, bylaws, minutes of meetings and annual reports, current and back issues of the Mountain Ledger newsletter, discussion list information, Winberta Yao Travel award information, the chapter’s history, the membership survey, and past and present conference information.

Polly McCord, newsletter editor and listserv manager, stepped down in October 2004 after years of distinguished service. Ellie Vaughter has taken over as newsletter editor, and Lisa Blankenship has taken over as listserv manager. The newsletter was published four times in 2004. These issues are available on the web site at:

The listserv was transferred to the University of Northern Colorado from the University of Arizona in November.

Chapter History

In 2003, Peggy Keeran compiled a history of the chapter, taken from the ARLIS/Arizona and ARLIS/MW papers, by formulating a chronology of chapter officers by year from 1975-present, including both AZ and MW. The list has been posted on the MW chapter web site:
At the Denver business meeting, members agreed that the MW chapter history would consist primarily of lists of officers, programs and minutes from chapter meetings; it was also agreed that compiling the chapter’s history should not be a responsibility of the Secretary/Treasurer. Nancy Pistorius is checking with the University of New Mexico to see if they could house the chapter archives. Alessia Zanin-Yost, Peggy Keeran, and Nancy Pistorius will be continuing work on the chapter history.

Winberta Yao Travel Award

Alessia Zanin-Yost was the recipient of the Winberta Yao Travel Award. Alessia attended the chapter conference in Denver. Tom Riedel stepped down as chair of the Travel Award Committee since he took on the Secretary/Treasurer duties for the remainder of Peggy Keeran’s term. Travel Award Committee member Mary Graham assumed duties as chair of the committee. Allison Colborne from the College of Santa Fe has been appointed as a new member on the committee.
Fundraising for the award continues to be of concern to the committee and the board.
Membership and chapter meeting revenue can help support the travel award. However, it would be ideal to raise money designated specifically for award purposes. It is recommended that the MW Fundraising Committee seek further fundraising methods for the travel award and the chapter in general.

Fundraising Committee

Frances Clymer was chair of the 2004 Fundraising Committee.
The 2005 committee needs to actively seek methods to raise money for the travel award, speaker honoraria, chapter workshops, the welcome party for the chapter conference, and other expenses as needed.

2005 Board members

Elections were held in December 2004. Marilyn Russell from the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe was elected as Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and Tom Riedel was elected as Secretary/Treasurer for 2005.