ARLIS Mountain West Chapter, Annual Report 2002

Prepared by Jeanne Brown, chair

2002 Chapter Officers

Chair: Jeanne Brown, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Past Chair: Christiane Erbolato-Ramsey, Brigham Young University

Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Frances Clymer, Buffalo Bill Historical Center Library

Secretary-Treasurer: Peggy Keeran, University of Denver

Webmaster: Christiane Erbolato-Ramsey, Brigham Young University

ARLIS/NA Western Regional Representative: Kay Teel, Stanford University


2003 Officers

Vice-Chair/Chair Elect:  Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

Secretary-Treasurer: Peggy Keeran, University of Denver


Chapter Home page:


Number of chapter members in 2002: 26 [up 6 from 2001]


Chapter meetings:

The chapter met twice this year: a meeting in St. Louis during the annual conference and the business meeting at the Mountain West conference in Cody.

March 25, 2002 St. Louis meeting minutes are available at

October 26, 2002 Cody meeting minutes are available at

The annual chapter conference was held October 25-26, 2002 in Cody, Wyoming. 

Program and details are available at Sixteen attended. The conference was quite successful, thanks to the organizing efforts of Frances Clymer. Several ARLIS members from the Mountain West attended the chapter meeting for the first time, thanks to the location being nearby.


The chapter voted to continue to donate $200 annually towards the expenses of the Welcome Party at the next ARLIS/NA conference in Baltimore.

Next year's conference will be jointly held in Portland Oregon with the Northwest Chapter, the Northern California Chapter, and the Southern California Chapter. The theme will be "ArtWorks/BookWorks: Craft and Documentation in the Digital Age," which explores the growing interest in traditional crafts, such as bookmaking and artist's books, at the same time as the vigorous promotion of electronic texts and artforms. Ed Teague is the conference organizer. He will be assisted by representatives from each chapter. Eumie Imm-Stroukoff will represent the Mountain West chapter.


Treasurer's Report:

Balance as of December 2002 = $3,622.04

A chapter logo was designed by member Patricia McRae and Liz Fuentes at UNLV. The logo has been added to the chapter membership brochure and application form [available on the web site], was used in the conference program and nametags, and is prominent on the chapter web page.

A project has been proposed to create a list of art websites of the Mountain/South West. The chapter members at the Cody meeting supported this project, which will be headed by Christiane Erbolato-Ramsey.

A membership committee was appointed by chair Jeanne Brown after the St. Louis business meeting. The committee has been very active. They have solicited State Coordinators from each Mountain West state to assist in membership recruitment [coordinators have identified potential or lapsed members to whom we can send materials or contact for lunch!].  The committee is currently working on a membership survey which will serve to identify what members want from the chapter and the conference. Membership committee members are: Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, chair, Peggy Keeran, and Polly Trump.

The chapter has maintained a listserv for several years. It is hosted by the University of Arizona, and is being managed by Polly Trump. In addition to this mode of communication the chapter is once again issuing a newsletter, at the instigation of the Membership Committee. Polly Trump serves as editor. The newsletter is to be published three times per year on the chapter web site. The URL for the Mountain Ledger is

The Mountain West chapter was formed in 1996. Already information on the chapter history is becoming difficult to pin down. The chapter has agreed that basic information, such as chapter officers, should be posted on the chapter web site. Peggy Keeran is collecting information from 1996 onwards, and Genni Houlihan is compiling materials from chapter records prior to 1996 [ARLIS/AZ]. We hope to have the officers list up sometime next year, and to identify materials that should be deposited in the ARLIS/NA archives in Syracuse.

There was no Winberta Yao travel allocation awarded this year, due to the paucity of applications. The chapter will discuss at the next business meeting in Baltimore whether the purpose of the award should be expanded from travel to the Mountain West conference to travel to the national conference, attendance at professional development opportunities, etc. The amount of the award will also be discussed.

Chapter officers reviewed the chapter bylaws and drafted suggested revisions. Among revisions are an email voting procedure, assignment of chapter history responsibilities to the secretary/treasure, and other revisions of officer duties.