2000 Annual Report
ARLIS/NA Mountain West Chapter

Submitted by:

Tom Riedel, Regis University
303-458-4261; fax: 303-964-5497


Chair: Tom Riedel, Regis University
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Christiane Erbolato-Ramsey, Brigham Young University
Secretary-Treasurer: Joyce Henderson, University of Arizona
Past Chair: Peggy Keeran, University of Denver
ARLIS/NA Western Regional Representative: Leslie Abrams, University of
California, San Diego

2001 Officers
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect:  Jeanne Brown, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Secretary-Treasurer: Joyce Henderson

Number of chapter members in 2000:  22

Chapter meetings:

March 21, 2000: Informal meeting held at ARLIS/NA conference in Pittsburgh.
Meeting minutes are available at

October 19-21, 2000:  Annual chapter meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah.  Program
available at http://www.lib.byu.edu/visart/arlismw/conf2000.html.

Number of conference attendees:  14.
Recognition and thanks are due to Chris Ramsey for all her hard work with the program and local arrangements, and to all the

Jeanne Brown, Head of the Architecture Studies Library at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, was nominated as chapter Vice-Chair.  Joyce Henderson volunteered to serve another year as Secretary/Treasurer.  Ballots will be
distributed electronically December 1; ballots will include a space for write-in candidates as per our chapter by-laws.

We presented our first ever Winberta Yao Travel Award this year to Polly Trump of the Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute.

One of our discussion items at the meeting was how to make renewal process less confusing to members as well as to the Secretary/Treasurer.  Chapter membership runs the calendar year, so we decided that each year, members will be given the opportunity to renew for the coming year on the chapter meeting registration form.  Members will be notified in January that it is
time to renew, and a follow-up reminder will be sent in March if we haven't had a response.  A couple of informal discussions made clear that there are many professionals in our region who really should be part of our group. Increasing chapter membership should be a future agenda item.

Our chapter decided to send a donation of $200 toward the expenses of the ARLIS/NA conference in Los Angeles.

We are set to meet next fall (date not yet set) in Las Vegas, Nevada.  After Las Vegas, we will have met in five of the six states in our region, leaving only Wyoming.  The suggestion to meet in Cody, Wyoming in 2002 was made (as was a joint meeting with  Texas/Mexico in El Paso, Texas)--to be decided at our meeting next year.

A great deal of discussion was devoted, over lunch and in the business meeting, to the invitation from the ARLIS/NA Executive Board for us to propose Las Vegas, Nevada as a conference site.  We first became aware of the EB's interest in Las Vegas at our business meeting in Tucson last year, and decided then to postpone a decision until we had the opportunity to meet in Las Vegas first as a chapter.  Although the EB has encouraged us to propose Las Vegas for the 2004 conference, the feeling of the group was that
we wanted to abide by our decision last year not to make the proposal until we could meet there and know a little better what we would be proposing.