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Vol.3, No.3

Report from the Chair

Report from the Western Regional Representative

From the ARLIS President

Annual Meeting News

Member News

Editor’s Note

Report from the Chair

The MW Chapter conference is a few weeks away, and I look forward to seeing everyone in Denver. Peggy Keeran and Tom Riedel have worked extremely hard to bring you a stimulating and information-packed conference. Many thanks go to both of them for their tireless work and commitment to the chapter. Thanks should also go to Chris Ramsey for her mastery in putting the conference information on the website and to Nancy Pistorius for her assistance with the programming. The Denver conference will be a great opportunity meet your colleagues and to attend several stimulating sessions.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Polly McCord for her fantastic work as listserv manager and as editor of the MW chapter newsletter, The Mountain Ledger. She will be stepping down at the end of the year to pursue new opportunities here in New Mexico. I am looking forward to having Polly nearby in Taos! If you are interested in serving as listserv manager or as the editor of the newsletter, please contact Polly or myself.

In May, MW chapter members in Arizona had a successful state meeting organized by Miguel Juarez. Read about that meeting elsewhere in this issue.

Also featured is an article by Jeanne Brown, President of ARLIS/NA!


Elections will be coming up for the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and Secretary/Treasurer for the MW Chapter Board. Frances Clymer, chair of the Nominating Committee, along with committee members Mary Graham and Chris Ramsey, will be searching for candidates for those positions. If you are willing to serve as a Chapter officer, please contact Frances, or Mary, or Chris.

We now have 38 members in the MW chapter, an increase of 8 members from last year! I'd like to welcome all new members and thank all renewing members for joining the chapter. For those of you interested in serving on MW chapter committees or volunteering in some other way, please let me know. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved. And if you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to talk to another board member or me.

Thanks again to all those who have played an active role in the chapter and contributed their time and energy!

Best wishes,
Eumie Imm-Stroukoff

Report from the Western Regional Representative

The ARLIS/NA Board held its mid-year meeting in Calgary on July 26-27. In addition to discussing issues about ARLIS/NA, we visited beautiful Banff and the hotel where the 2006 conference will be held. That will truly be an exciting venue.

At the meeting we reviewed and approved the 2005 budget.  The Board began a discussion of means to define the legal relationship between the Society and chapters. A task force will be working on possible models to establish closer ties between ARLIS/NA and the regional chapters. We also reviewed the results from the survey distributed by the Strategic Plan Task Force, and provided feedback to the task force related to those issues of interest to the Board. Be sure to look for opportunities on ARLIS-L and at the conference in Houston to give your input about the strategic plan as well. After the successful New York City conference, membership increased to about 1200.

Laura Schwartz gave us an overview of what to expect at the conference in Houston in 2005. Dr. Fred Heath, Head of University of Texas Libraries, will be a plenary speaker, and there will be 24 sessions, 12 tours, and six workshops. A session for all chapter chairs and officers will be organized, to share ideas and experiences and discuss challenges. We urge any chapter officers attending the conference to take advantage of this new opportunity!

Congratulations! The Board approved a grant of $500 for the joint MW/Central Plains meeting to be held in Santa Fe in the fall of 2005. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in Denver October 1 and 2!

Peggy Keeran

ARLIS/NA Western Regional Representative

From the ARLIS President

Mountain West has provided many members who are serving or have served at the Society level. Mary Graham is a past president of ARLIS/NA. Peggy Keeran is West Regional Representative and serving on the ARLIS/NA Board. Polly McCord is serving as co-chair of the Research Awards Committee and Moderator of the Architecture Section. Miguel Juarez is co-chair of the Diversity Committee. Tom Riedel, Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, Marilyn Russell, Nancy Pistorius, and Tom Greives have all served as chairs of ARLIS/NA committees. Eumie is on the new slate of candidates for officers, willing to serve as Society Secretary. Many years ago, member Pam Parry was the ARLIS/NA Executive Director, and in 1999 was given our highest award, the Distinguished Service Award. [A listing of this nature is dangerous. I have no doubt missed someone, and I apologize in advance for that eventuality.] The point is simply that, despite being a small chapter, we are active. We serve at both the chapter level and the ARLIS/NA level [for those that are new, you will note that I avoid "national" in describing ARLIS/NA since we have members in Canada and Mexico, we are not just a "national" organization!].

Given that, Mountain West is a perfect group to touch base with on a variety of topics all relating to initiatives underway or contemplated. I find, in my role of president, that it is not easy to get member input. So here are areas about which I would be especially interested in hearing what you have to say (and of course input on areas in which you are particularly interested is also welcome!).

I have thoughts on these points which I'd be happy to share in exchange for yours. Please feel free to ask why I am asking about any of the above as well, if I have piqued your curiosity : )

See you in Denver I hope.

Jeanne Brown, ARLIS/NA President

Annual Meeting News

ARLIS/MW Denver --Friday Night Art Walk

On Friday night, October 1st, participants in the ARLIS/MW conference are invited to the First Friday Art Walk, held in various Denver neighborhoods from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. Since the Lower Downtown (LoDo) galleries do not participate in the art walk, we will visit the Santa Fe Art District (SFAD) as a group. SFAD is the "up-and-coming art community" along Santa Fe Drive, and is about a mile and half from the Oxford Hotel.

We will car pool or take public transportation to get there. Denver's light rail line leaves from Union Station, a half block from the Oxford, and takes a scenic 12-minute route. Stops include Six Flags Elitch Gardens, Invesco Field at Mile High (Denver Bronco stadium) and the Auraria campus (University of Colorado at Denver, Metropolitan State College and the Community College of Denver share this urban space) before stopping at 10th and Osage, which is five blocks from Santa Fe Drive.

SFAD includes 17 art galleries and the Museo de las Americas, a museum of Latin American art, history and culture. The district covers a seven-block section of Santa Fe Drive from 5th to 12th Avenues.

Also in the area are several restaurants, among them: El Noa Noa, a favorite Mexican restaurant (one of mine, anyway), the Buckhorn Exchange, a historic Denver restaurant (Teddy Roosevelt ate here!) serving great steaks and scotch, and the Hoffbrau Tavern and Grill.

It will be a fun evening, so break out your walking shoes!

Tom Riedel

Member News

Arizona Member Meeting

On June 4, 2004, Arizona members met in Phoenix. After an enjoyable lunch at the Art Museum Cafe of the Phoenix Art Museum, the group moved to The Heard Museum for a more formal, informal meeting. Miguel Juarez, as State Coordinator, arranged the meeting with help from Mario Nick Klimaides and Genni Houlihan.

Attendees, who came from special, public and academic libraries represented a variety of interests. The group was eager to meet again and with some regularity. I believe Mary Graham will be roped into hosting the next one.

Polly McCord

Editor's Note

As I've previously announced, I will be leaving the University of Arizona and Tucson in December to start my own business. The Artful Traveler will open January 1. Based in Taos, New Mexico, this new tour operation will provide customized itineraries for travelers drawn to the arts of northern New Mexico. Within a year or so, I hope to expand to include the entire state of New Mexico, west Texas, and the Four Corners area.

I have an answer for those of you toying with the idea of becoming more active in ARLIS at either the Chapter or the Society level, but wonder "what's in it for me?" As Chair of the Texas-Mexico chapter in 2001, it was my responsibility to organize the annual meeting. I was living in Albuquerque and the Chapter loved the excuse to meet in New Mexico.

After organizing three days of events in two cities (Albuquerque and Santa Fe), along with meals and transportation for 25 art librarians, I knew I could do anything. I didn't do it alone. I had a fabulous planning committee to help me; but the confidence I gained from that project has led me down the entrepreneurial garden path. You never know where things might lead, if you just take the first step!

As noted in the Report from the Chair, I will be stepping down from my responsibilities as listserv moderator and editor of The Mountain Ledger. Neither are particularly time consuming activities, but both are a great service to the Chapter (if I do say so myself). If you have any questions about what is involved, feel free to contact me.

Someone recently referred to my "retirement", which was quite a shock since I haven't been thinking of it in that way. While I foresee a great deal of hard work ahead of me, I suppose I am retiring from librarianship. I am not, however, leaving ARLIS. I will see you in Santa Fe next year, and hope to go to Banff in 2006.

Polly McCord
Editor, The Mountain Ledger