Art Libraries Society of North America | Mountain West Chapter Newsletter




Vol.1, No.1
Spring/Summer 2002


It is so exciting to be writing the first Mountain Ledger President's column for the ARLIS/Mountain West chapter.
Although our lists and web site go a long way toward keeping us connected, this newsletter can serve a special function in setting regular times to stop and remember that we have colleagues nearby [in terms of the American West] and that we are all in this together!

Our chapter is having a good year. Our lunch at the ARLIS/NA conference in St. Louis was well-attended, the group congenial, and the opportunity just to see each other and chat much appreciated. The seeds were planted there for the logo and the new Membership Committee.

The Membership Committee has gotten off to an excellent start. The committee members, Eumie Imm-Stroukoff [chair], Polly Trump, and Peggy Keeran -- volunteers one and all -- have established a system of state coordinators to assist in recruiting new members. I am sure the state coordinators would be most grateful for the names of anyone you know that would be a candidate for ARLIS/Mountain West membership.   The State Coordinators and their e-mail addresses are listed below in the Report from the Membership Committee.

The Membership Committee is also the force behind this newsletter. Thanks to Polly Trump for taking up the task of being the first editor!

The chapter also has a new logo. The logo concept was roughed out on a napkin at the lunch in St. Louis by new member Patty McRae, and developed and polished by UNLV Architecture graduate student Liz Fuentes.  It has already been incorporated into the membership brochure by Chris Ramsey [see the membership brochure on the web site .  The logo is actually in two forms, one large and in color the other small and black/white.  Both forms are available for viewing on the Mountain West web page.

And now we are looking forward to our annual conference , this year in Cody, Wyoming [see Conference News below].  I for one have never been there, and am looking forward to seeing a new place and old friends.  See you there!

Jeanne Brown
President, ARLIS/MW
University of Nevada, Las Vegas




Plans for the annual ARLIS/MW conference to be held in Cody, Wyoming, October 25 - 27, 2002 are moving forward, and the richness of art resources in the Yellowstone region will be among the highlights.  Our host institution, the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, is a 300,000 square foot complex of museums and a research center celebrating and interpreting the art, ethnology, history, culture and folklore of the American West. Accredited by the American Association of Museums, the Center strives to maintain the highest possible standard of professional museum practice.

Scheduled conference sessions include:

Drawn to Yellowstone: artists in America's first national park , a presentation by Peter H. Hassrick, , former director of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center and founding director emeritus of the Charles M. Russell Center for the Study of the Art of the American West.  Hassrick  will examine the competition between artists Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran to bring about recognition of the park through imagery and the attendant tension between German and English.

In her presentation The Making of Yellowstone Winter -- an artist book , artist Jill Timm of Mystical Places Press,, will take participants through the process of creating of a book -- from conception to the finished product.  Her companion book Yellowstone  

Practical sessions include a panel discussion titled Library Management Issues, moderated by University of Nevada Las Vegas Architecture Librarian Jeanne Brown.  Time will be allowed for discussion of library problems and successful problem solving strategies.  Lorna Corbetta-Noyes will present an insider's view of the Research Library Group's Cultural Materials Initiative and its applications for library and museum research.

Early arrival conference participants may enjoy a Dutch treat lunch at Maxwell's Restaurant, tour Cody, visiting galleries and viewing local architecture, and attend a welcome reception at the Simpson Gallagher Gallery,, across from the famous Irma Hotel, a community social center since the turn of the 20th century.


Founded by Mary Jester Allen in the 1920s as a memorial to her uncle and mentor William F. Cody, the first Buffalo Museum was located in the log cabin complex on Sheridan Avenue that now houses the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce.  Forty years of building programs have constructed and installed the Whitney Gallery of Western Art,  a new Buffalo Bill Museum, the Plains Indians Museum, the McCracken Research Library, the Cody Firearms Museum and, most recently, the Draper Museum of Natural History which was dedicated on June 4, 2002.  The mission of the Center is ... to serve the public by advancing knowledge about the American West through acquiring, exhibiting and interpreting collections of artifacts and preserving their physical and contextual integrity.


Nestled at the base of Rattlesnake and Cedar Mountains in the northwest corner of Wyoming, Cody was founded in 1896 by Colonel William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody and a group of investors which included his Wild West show partner, Nate Salsbury, and the Lincoln Land Company of Nebraska.  Cody saw potential in the raw land and set about recruiting farmers from Utah to settle in the area and cultivate the land. The completion of the Shoshone Dam in 1911 (at the time the highest in the world) brought further growth to the area.

From the beginning, Cody saw tourism as an important component of the community's economy.  With the construction of the Irma Hotel (named after one of his daughters) in Cody and Pahaskaa Tepee Lodge near the eastern border of Yellowstone National Park, he contributed to the growth of this industry in the region.  Today Cody is a thriving town of about 8,500 residents with an economy based on tourism, ranching, mineral and petroleum extraction and light industry.

Frances Clymer
Vice President, ARLIS/MW
Buffalo Bill Historical Center



Mountain Westerners have hosted the annual ARLIS/NA conference in the past and our turn is once again approaching.  But where??  Our past Phoenix site was a huge success.  Should we try to repeat history, or choose another Mountain West location to introduce to our colleagues?
[Note: the Chapter offered Las Vegas as a site; however the management firm was unable to identify a suitable hotel, based on budget and space, so Las Vegas was not accepted.]

We will be discussing this decision our annual meeting in Cody in October, as well as future sites for the regional conference.  We have identified Denver as the site of the 2003 regional conference.  We will also be discussing, however, the proposal of the Northwest chapter to have a western regional meeting in Portland in 2003 [August? Sept?].  Northern California and Southern California chapters have expressed an interest in this regional meeting.

Jeanne Brown
President, ARLIS/MW
University of Nevada at Las Vegas



Any ARLIS member planning or working on a research project, or who has published an article, book or electronic resource in the past year, is encouraged to apply for a research or publication award. The deadline for application submission is coming up in two months—October 4.  Awards will be presented at the conference in Baltimore.

The H. W. Wilson Foundation Research Grant provides up to $2000 to cover travel and other research expenses for worthy projects.  If have already realized your research plans and your work has been published, consider applying for the Worldwide Books Awards for Publications. Another award, The Worldwide Books Award for Electronic
Resources is also available for publications in digital formats.

For more information about the Grant and Awards offered, please consult the ARLIS/NA Awards and Honors Web page, under Research Awards. Click on the links to the Guidelines and Application forms to learn more. 

For more information contact the Dayton Memorial Library, Regis University, 3333 Regis Blvd D-20, Denver, CO 80221.



At the 2002 Annual Conference in St. Louis, the issue of membership was discussed at length during the ARLIS/Mountain West chapter meeting.  In April 2002, Peggy Keeran, Polly Trump, and I agreed to serve on an Ad Hoc Membership Committee to examine how membership might be increased in the chapter. 
The MW Chapter Membership Committee spent the spring season developing a long-range action plan.   Each of the MW Chapter States -- Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada -- will have a State Coordinator to accomplish the following tasks:
act as a contact person for the state ; 
make a list of art librarians from each state that could be approached for potential memberships; and
contact lapsed members from each state to investigate why they may not be renewing.

If you should have any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact the membership committee or your state coordinators listed below.

Membership Committee
Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, Chair
Peggy Keeran pkeeran@DU.EDU
Polly Trump

State Coordinators
Arizona:  Miguel Juarez
Colorado:  Kate Cunningham-Hendrix
Nevada:  Jeanne Brown jeanneb@UNLV.EDU
New Mexico:  Nina Stephenson nstephen@UNM.EDU
Utah:  Christiane Ramsey chris_ramsey@BYU.EDU
Wyoming: Jennifer Mayer

Thank you!

Submitted by Eumie Imm-Stroukoff,
Chair, MW Membership Committee
Georgia O’Keeffe Museum



My first duty as West Regional Representative was to attend the Executive Board meetings at the 30th annual conference in Saint Louis, Missouri.  I also attended the business meetings of the George Wittenborn Committee and the Cataloging Advisory Committee in the function of Board liaison.  I had a very pleasant time at the Mountain West Chapter lunch, and was able to report on the activities of the chapter to the Executive Board at the post-conference Executive Board meeting.  The full-day post-conference meeting was held on March 26, 2002, and served as a wrap-up for the annual conference in Saint Louis.  The Board examined a number of issues, including President Daniel Starr's call to rethink the structure of the Society, the new ARLIS/NA logo and graphic identity, development plans for the 2003 Baltimore conference, and membership concerns.

Following the ARLIS/NA annual conference, I attended the ARLIS/Northwest-ARLIS/Canada mini-conference in Banff, Alberta, and the ARLIS/Southern California business meeting in San Diego, California.  One outcome of the Banff mini-conference was the formulation of a combined regional meeting to be hosted by ARLIS/Northwest and held in Portland, Oregon, in October 2003.  All West Region chapters have been invited to participate in the meeting.  ARLIS/Southern California and ARLIS/Northern California have pledged their support.  The theme of the meeting will be "ArtWorks/BookWorks: Craft and Documentation in the Digital Age."  The meeting is expected to draw attendees from outside the region.

The ARLIS/NA Executive Board mid-year meeting was held in New York City on August 10-11, 2002.  The Board approved the 2003 budget.  More progress was made in the restructuring of the Society, in accordance with current by-laws.  The Board  discussed the library situation at the Denver Art Museum, which was brought to my attention by the ARLIS/Mountain West e-mail discussion list.  Similar problems have occurred in other museums around the country.  ARLIS/NA's attempts to get the American Association of Museums (AAM) to make the hiring of a full-time librarian part of its accreditation process have not succeeded.  The Board will ask the ARLIS/NA Public Policy Committee, the North American Relations Committee, and the Society's liaison to the AAM to examine this situation and recommend actions to the Executive Board.

Planning and preparation for the 2003 Baltimore conference continues apace.  There will be two rooms available for self-scheduling during the conference for any smaller and informal groups wanting to meet.  Chapters will also be encouraged to use the self-scheduled rooms if they wish.  The Conference Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) hopes the self-scheduling option will prove popular with the membership. 

 Final decision about holding a Silent Auction in Baltimore has not yet been made.  The Board members who attended the CPAC meeting stressed that chapters are not required to send support to the auction.  Participation is purely optional.

New ARLIS/NA membership brochures will be completed shortly.  The brochures incorporate the new logo.  Members from ARLIS/Montréal-Ottawa-Québec have volunteered to translate the brochure into French.  ARLIS/Texas-Mexico is searching for volunteers to translate the brochure into Spanish.

Membership renewal forms will be mailed out in October.  Members must renew their ARLIS/NA membership in order to be included in the next Handbook.  Membership dues have not been raised for 2003.

I look forward to attending ARLIS/Mountain West's business meeting in Cody, Wyoming, in October.  Please contact me if you have any questions or issues for the Executive Board.  My contact information:
Kay Teel
Catalog Department, Meyer Library, 3rd Floor
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-6004
Phone: (650) 724-7346

Submitted by Kay Teel
ARLIS/NA, West Regional Representative



Thanks to everyone who contributed to this first issue of The Mountain Ledger, and to Nina Stephenson for her suggestion of the newsletter’s name.  The hope of the Membership Committee is that the Mountain Ledger will be something members will come to think of as a bonus of their activity and service to the Chapter.  We also hope that it will serve as a link to those members unable to attend our annual meetings, keeping them  up-to-date and involved with their colleagues, and with issues that we all face. 

Special thanks to Chris Ramsey for Web wonders, and Eumie Imm-Stroukoff for never hanging up on me.

Polly Trump
Editor, The Mountain Ledger