ARLIS/Mountain West Chapter Business Meeting
March 25, 2002

Meeting convened at 11:30am by Jeanne Brown, 2002 Chapter Chair.

Present: Jeanne Brown, Patricia McRae, Chris Ramsey, Frances Clymer, Nancy Pistorius, Nina Stephenson, Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, Tom Greives, Lise Hawkos, Rick Fitzgerald, Marilyn Russel-Bogle, and Kay Teel, our new ARLIS/NA Western Regional Representative.

Jeanne Brown, Chair
Frances Clymer, Vice-Chair
Chris Ramsey, Past-Chair
Peggy Keeran, Secretary/Treasurer

Location: Cody, Wyoming
Dates: October 25-27, 2002
Frances reported on the possibility of holding meetings at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center and staying in hotels/motels nearby. The Center has several facilities available, including an auditorium. Options for program include a session by art historian Peter H. Hassrick: Artists in Yellowstone, and a session by Sarah E. Boehme: Contemporary American Western Art (or some other topic
tba). There was also discussion about having a session dealing with some sort of training in librarianship.

The format for the program would be from FRI to SUN, with specific sessions, tours, and events not defined at this point.
Oct. 25 - Friday
reception in the evening at the Simpson-Gallagher Gallery downtown
Oct. 26 - Saturday
morning and afternoon sessions
Oct. 27 - Sunday
morning sessions, business meeting

Local arrangements and program: Frances Clymer
Conference program (print): Chris Ramsey
Cody conference web page: Rick Fitzgerald and Jenna Johnson
Travel Award Committee: Genni Houlihan (Chair), Tom Greives, and Eumie Imm-Stroukoff.
Registration: Peggy Keeran

Tom Riedel and Peggy Keeran have formally invited the chapter to meet in Denver, CO in 2003. All present were in favor. There was discussion about the idea of having a regular rotation cycle for meeting in Arizona because of the high number of librarians in the state. The options proposed were:
1. To cycle through all our states, e.g CO, NM, AZ, UT, NV, WY.
2. To alternate each state with AZ since more members and potential members are there, e.g. CO, AZ, NM, AZ, UT, AZ, NV, AZ, WY, AZ [Jeanne's personal fav!!]
In either case, we can be flexible to allow those in one state to trade with another if there is a major event. It would also be
up to the state people whether they want to do a joint event with a neighboring chapter. No decision was made.

The chapter currently has 25 members, and the current membership list is available on the webpage at:
As of March 20, 2002, our current balance is $2,838.60.

Online newsletter
Rick Fitzgerald has volunteered to compile news from the chapter into an online newsletter, which would be e-mailed to members and posted on the chapter's website.

Several ideas were shared on the need to recruite new members. One would be a flyer about the Mountain West Chapter for the library schools in the chapter region: U of A, University of Denver [not accredited], and Emporia State [classes in Denver and Salt Lake City].  The flyer would be placed on the web site for people to download (pdf file) and use to advertise the chapter locally. It would include the chapter's mission and application information.  Chris Ramsey will work on posting the flyer.
Suggestions for possible new members included targeting library schools in the region, past members, and ideas from current members on possible contacts in their own state. Jeanne will follow up with recruitment plans.

Chapter Logo
We talked about the idea of developing a mountain-west looking logo for the chapter. The logo could be used in products such as t-shirts, mugs, mouse-pads, etc. Tom Greives and Patricia McRae had a couple of good ideas. Jeanne will pursue.

Subscriber Category
Discussed the possibility of a "subscriber" category for those who are members of Mountain West but not national. Also noted that a national member outside the chapter's boundaries may join our chapter.

Travel Award
We discussed the concept of focusing the travel award on potential student members, but did not decide to LIMIT it to students.

Thanks to Nancy Pistorius for once again organizing the chapter basket, and a fine job she did too! Thanks also to all those who contributed with such fun gifts.
Thanks also to Chris Ramsey for taking the minutes of the meeting.

Las Vegas National in 2005
The ARLIS/NA Executive Board is still looking at Las Vegas as a possibility for the site of the 2005 ARLIS/NA conference. No decision has been made at this point.