ARLIS/Mountain West Chapter Business Meeting
October 26, 2002
Cody, Wyoming

1.     Peggy Keeran gave the Treasurer’s report, including membership (26).  Final expenses for the conference were not included, so the final balance for the year is not yet available.

2.    Membership Committee
Eumie Imm-Stroukoff reported.  Most state coordinators for the membership committee compiled lists of potential members and submitted.  We still need to receive Arizona’s list.  We then discussed the next course of action.

3.    What are the chapter functions and expectations of members?
We are geographically isolated from most of our colleagues, but appreciate the opportunity the chapter meetings provide us with learning about our regional collections, getting to know our colleagues, and making personal contacts.  MW offers librarians the opportunities to serve as officers or as presenters, which enhances involvement in the profession and helps with promotions and merit raises.  In addition, these meetings are friendly and we can help each other develop presentation skills and programs which can then lead to opportunities at ARLIS/NA.  Everyone should be encouraged to submit ideas for programs or presentations for our chapter meetings, including sessions devoted to content, management, technology, and workshops.

4.    Newsletter
Polly Trump reported.  We have had one issue and Polly will put out another issue on the chapter conference.  She encourages everyone to contribute content, which can be about anything:  news about library collections, process and decisions made within libraries to use a specific vendor or to purchase a specific type of equipment, personal accomplishments, etc.  Make this a chapter newsletter, everyone!  Although the newsletter will be online only, Peggy Keeran will send out a hard copy to all potential members when she sends out the membership applications via US mail.

5.    Web site
Chris Ramsey was unable to attend the meeting, but asked that everyone give her feedback about the web site and content.  She suggests we do an annotated guide to Art Resources in the MW region.  Such a project may mean Chris will need more help with the web site.  If anyone is interested in helping Chris, please contact her.   The idea of the annotated list of collections was well received and the idea of including lists of exhibits in the newsletter was also raised as a possibility.

6.    Listserv
Polly Trump reported.  We have 39 subscribers.  Polly weeded this from 50, so if anyone was accidentally deleted, just re-subscribe.

7.    Conference site 2003
Conference members expressed interest in a joint Northeast/California meeting in Portland in October 2003.  A message will be posted to the listserv to get further input from members.
8.    We will send $200 for the ARLIS/NA Welcome Party in Baltimore.

9.    Nancy Pistorius will again organize the chapter Silent Auction basket. 

10.    Jeanne Brown will pursue a chapter history project.

11.    Peggy Keeran was nominated for another term as Secretary/Treasurer and Eumie Imm-Stroukoff as chair elect.  Peggy Keeran will email election ballots to the listserv.

12.    Tom Riedel will initiate discussion online about the travel award.

13.      Conference
Frances Clymer reported that the use of the facilities had been donated by the Buffalo Bill Historical Center and the reception at the Simpson Gallagher Gallery was donated by the gallery owner, Sue Simpson.  Thanks to both generous donors.  Also, thanks to Frances for organizing a wonderful conference.  Jeanne Brown presented her with a miniature clock.

Report submitted by Peggy Keeran, Secretary/Treasurer

October 30, 2002