ARLIS/Mountain West Chapter Business Meeting
April 3, 2001  -- ARLIS/NA Los Angeles (12:00-1:00pm)

Meeting convened at 12:00pm by Chris Ramsey, 2001 Mountain West Chapter Chair.

Present: Tom Riedel, Jeanne Brown, Chris Ramsey, Geni Houlihan, Nancy Simon, Mary Graham, Frances Clymer, Miguel Juarez, Peggy Keeran, Nina Stephenson, Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, and Leslie Abrams (ARLIS/NA Regional Representative).

Chris Ramsey, Chair
Jeanne Brown, Vice-Chair
Tom Riedel, Past-Chair
Joyce Henderson, Secretary/Treasurer

Our current balance is $2,434.75. We have donated $200.00 to the ARLIS/NA Welcome Party, awarded Polly Trump with the $350.00 Travel Award, and expended around $1,800.00 in the Salt Lake City conference last year.

Discussion about the possibility of the Mountain West Chapter hosting the 2005 ARLIS/NA Conference in Las Vegas. The upcoming 2001 conference there will help us decide if the idea is worth pursuing.
Discussion about the need to strengthen the chapter membership.

NEXT CONFERENCE: Las Vegas, Nevada - November 7-9, 2001
Jeanne Brown reported on the possibilities for hotels, meeting space, and tours in Las Vegas. The format for the program would be:
Nov. 7 - Wednesday
afternoon sessions, reception in the evening
Nov. 8 - Thursday
morning sessions, afternoon tours
Nov. 9 - Friday
morning sessions, business meeting

Jeanne brought up the idea of people staying in a hotel of their choice, and meetings help at the University. There are several hotels such as Hard Rock, Alexis Park, and AmeriSuite (Embassy) which are located within walking distance to the University (10 min. walk) and have shuttles to the strip. All were in favor of this arrangement.

Local Arrangements and Program: Jeanne Brown
Program: Miguel Juarez, Mary Graham, and Maurya Smith.
Conference Program (print): Tom Riedel
Conference web page and online registration: Chris Ramsey

Genni Houlihan and Tom Riedel