ARLIS/NA-Mountain West Chapter Business Meeting Minutes
via Elluminate | Thursday | Nov. 12th, 2009 | 11:00am MST

Minutes contributed by Peggy Keeran

  1. Introductions
2. President's Report (Jennifer Mayer)
3. Treasurer's Report and Update on Online Dues Payment (Peggy Keeran)
4. Committee Reports
5. Voting
6. 2010 Chapter Conference
7. Other Business
8. Acknowledgements and Thanks (Jennifer Mayer)

1. Introductions

Jennifer Mayer explained how to use the icons in Elluminate Live! to vote, etc., and how to use the mike. The entire session was recorded, so all members can listen to the meeting online:


Jennifer also asked everyone to indicate who is going to ARLIS/NA in Boston:

Present: Jennifer Mayer (going to Boston), Marly Helm (hopes to make it to Boston), Betsy Shephardson, Chris Ramsey (going to Boston), Jenni James (uncertain about Boston, but hopes to go), Kay Teel (undecided about Boston, but hopes to go), Lisa Blankenship (retired, not going to Boston), Liz Ehrst (hopes to go to Boston), Mary Graham (not going to Boston), Meredith Kahn (going to Boston and to VRA), Nina Stephenson (hopes to go to Boston), Peggy Keeran (not going to Boston), Tom Riedel (going to Boston).

2. President's Report (Jennifer Mayer)

• Submitted 2008 annual chapter report to ARLIS/NA in early 2009.

• MW Executive Committee meeting via conference call Feb. 2009.

• Online surveys of membership re: fall chapter meeting and potential chapter projects, thanks for the 17 responses!

• ARLIS/NA in Indy 2009: held chapter meeting, attended chapter leaders meeting.

• Vanessa Kam is the new ARLIS/NA Chapter Liaison. She couldn’t attend this meeting today but sent an update which Jennifer posted to the listserv.

• Listserv conversion from U of Northern Colorado to U of Wyoming.

• Reconvened MW state coordinators to help increase chapter membership.

• Convened chapter Yao travel award committee, bylaws review committee, and nominating committee.

• MW Executive committee meeting via Elluminate in September 2009,

• Fall chapter meeting Nov. 2009,

• Will submit 2009 annual chapter report to ARLIS/NA in early 2010.

3. Treasurer's Report and Update on Online Dues Payment (Peggy Keeran)

• 21 paid MW chapter members in 2009 (down from 29 in 2008)

2009 Expenses
  • Welcome Party donation: $200
  • Winberta Yao Travel Award (Elizabeth Ehrnst): $700
  • New WellsFargo checks: $65.30
2009 Income
  • Dues: $330
  • Winberta Yao Travel Award donations: $145
  • Total: $475

• 2009 Balance as of 09/29/09: $995.30

The reasons for the dip in membership are probably due to the economy, members getting jobs in other geographic areas, retirements, and student members who have moved on. Jennifer reported that there are three people who have expressed interest in joining when we start renewing memberships in December, so our membership will start to build up again.

Peggy changed the Wells Fargo account to a non-profit organization account rather than an account for an individual because in the past it has been so difficult to change the signatory person on the account. The Wells Fargo employee said that in the future it should be a simpler process to change signatories.

As younger members are part of a generation that doesn’t necessary have checking accounts, Peggy explored two options for allowing membership dues to be paid online – TEI (the ARLIS/NA management company) and PayPal. At present both have their strengths and weaknesses.

• PayPal requires a percentage payment for each transaction, and although they have a non-profit rate, we would have to sign up to find out what the percentage would be. It isn’t easier for the treasurer to manage the membership dues (according to the NY chapter treasurer, it is actually a little more difficult because one has to keep track of Paypal separately from the checking account), but it is easier for the members to pay.

• TEI will collect the chapter dues, but has some restrictions that we need clarification on, for example, would they be willing to collect the travel award donations? They don’t allow members to sign up for more than one chapter, because this isn’t their primary purpose; therefore a member would have to select just one chapter to sign up for, and deal with the other chapters they wish to join directly.

Rather than make a decision at this point, it was agreed that we would continue the traditional payment of dues by checks, and the online options will be explored in the future by the next chapter secretary/treasurer.

4. Committee Reports

a. State Membership Coordinators:

Marly Helm (AZ) – Dismal job outlook in Arizona. Losing librarians, and art librarians are on the front end. She set up a Google Documents so that coordinators can keep track of institutions state wide. She will keep working to get new members.

Tom Riedel (CO) – Tom added Colorado info to the Google Docs. He wanted to know what we are doing beyond identifying which institutions to post. Jennifer said that the intent is to use Google Docs to identify people and then to contact them. TR is pleased to hear that Jennifer Parker’s position filled at CU –welcomed Meredith. CO prognosis not so bad as AZ. Will contact those he has identified as potential new members.

Jenni James (NM) – Not a great deal to report. Will brainstorm with other NM members to see if there are names of people to contact.

Chris Ramsey (UT) – Not really successful. Did ID several people – emailed them with links to our website and membership form, but not one response. Lots of reorganization going on in Utah institutions – people going to different departments and different job descriptions. Do need to follow up.

Jennifer Mayer (WY and MT) – Used Google Docs to add and contact people in WY and MT. Montana State art librarian contacted, but didn’t hear back. Still working on a Wyoming contact. Also fairly new Visual Resources person in Wyoming, so will follow up with her to see if she would be interested. Coordinators need to always keep an eye out for potential members, even if they aren’t in their state (example recruiting at other conferences or venues).

Jennifer extended thanks to all the state coordinators.


b. Winberta Yao Travel Award Committee:  Nina Stephenson, Chair

Nina Stephenson and Nancy Pistorius worked on the travel award. Awarded Liz Ehrnst the Yao award and she attended the '09 annual conference. Her report was given to the MW chapter and is on the website  <http://arlisna-mw.lib.byu.edu/travel_report09.html>. Nina worked with Jennifer to revise the travel guidelines. Nina agreed to chair the committee again. It looks like we may not have the funds to award for 2010, unless it is for a smaller amount. Traditionally we've funded up to $700, based on applicant need. Perhaps we'll give a partial award for 2010. The next Travel Award Committee and Executive Committee will make the decision.

c. Nominating Committee: Lisa Blankenship, Chair

Jeanne Brown and Lisa worked together. Found candidates for the Mountain West chapter Vice Chair/Chair Elect and Secretary/Treasurer. Election will take place in early December. The email ballot will have names, biographies, and statements of interest. We will also have the opportunity to write in candidates, if we chose.

5. Voting

a. Approval of chapter meeting minutes--Indianapolis ARLIS/NA conference 4/09

Recommendation to put Liz’s institutional affiliation in the part about the Winberta Yao award, for the record. That will be added. Approved as amended.


b. Bylaws changes

Couldn’t vote because we didn’t have 2/3 members present. We will send out the bylaws changes via listserv and have people vote on them electronically. Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, Leslie Abrams, and Jennifer worked on them (thanks!). Members thought these revisions looked fine.

Jennifer had the ARLIS/NA Executive Board and Vanessa Kam, the ARLIS/NA Chapter Liaison, review the proposed changes. Vanessa had some minor suggestions (her job title), but otherwise they looked good.

Peggy and Jennifer will send out to the listserv for a vote.

According to our bylaws, we can vote for the next agenda items because we have the majority of members present.


c. Winberta Yao Award guidelines changes


Flexibility for the award amount is important, and we will need to advertise how much the actual amount will be. Should we be awarding to students when they won’t stay in the region? Important to get them involved in the chapter and national, and with the award the responsibility to serve as a chapter officer; recommended that the wording be changed from “expected” to “strongly encourage.” Students aren’t given priority in this current proposed revision, but it is nice to support students, even if they don't stay in the chapter.

Application deadline: why stricken? Because we have awarded for chapter or national conference attendance, so deadline didn’t make sense. Applicants can use it for either event, so the deadlines float. Committee chair will fill in the appropriate date when it is posted. We usually have very few applicants, and give people lots of notice to apply, so they can work out details at their institution in order to apply (we ask how much institutional support they will get), but usually people respond at the last minute.

Motion to approval as revised. All approved. Passed with revisions.

Jenni James volunteered to serve with Nina on the committee next year.


d. Chapter dues increase

Dues have never been increased. At Indianapolis, we had a motion and a second to increase dues to $25/year. Couldn’t vote at Indy because we didn’t have a majority of members, but now we do. Other chapters charge $20-30/year. A bit of background why the increase is needed. We haven’t held any chapter conferences in past two years due to the national meeting in Denver and then the economy. Dues increase will help to increase our coffers. Other strategies – we give a very generous donation to the ARLIS/NA chapter welcome party, so we could give less. Also, we could award less for the travel award. Work on recruiting new members is really important. Dues increase is just one way to help with our budget, but we will be looking for a chapter conference in the future and recruitment.

All approved to increase annual chapter dues to $25.00/year, effective with the next chapter dues payment in December 2009/January 2010.

6. 2010 Chapter Conference

Virtual or onsite discussion:

Virtual every other year and in person every other year? Regional connections important especially since some of us won’t be able to attend national any more. Other chapters are probably facing same problem. We could be a model for others if we are successful with virtual conferences. Virtual would be worth trying, but we miss meeting the MW members face to face. Fewer MW and Northern Cal. chapter members go to NA because of lack of funds, so a MW onsite meeting would be good. Value the onsite experience, but the virtual option should be explored. Today’s virtual meeting gave us experience with the virtual world. Elluminate is very easy, and we can upload PowerPoint presentations. Alternating virtual and in person would be good.

Travel is expensive and some opt to go to the national if can only go to one. Others would opt to go to regional. May be difficult to draw enough people to attend an in person conference – what number would be too small to make an in person conference worth it? Salt Lake City had only 14 – was it worth it? It was decided it was an excellent conference by those who were there, as was Cody, another small conference! What season or time of year would on site be? Fall, as it doesn’t compete with national, although fall is crazy busy for academic librarians. The fees for a virtual conference would be up to the planners – the Executive Committee discussed $25 if had held a virtual conference this fall.


A Virtual - 7
B On Site - 1
C Either – 4

The next Executive Committee will decide, but definite interest in a virtual conference.

7. Other Business

  • The maximum amount for Yao travel award. The Yao Travel Award Committee will work with the Executive Committee to decide on the amounts.
  • ARLIS/NA Chapter Welcome Party donation suggested $100. $75 seen as too low. Polling: $100 donation to the ARLIS/NA Welcome Party - ALL APPROVED.

8. Acknowledgements and Thanks (Jennifer Mayer)

• Thanks to all chapter coordinators for their work recruiting new members: Tom Riedel (CO), Marly Helm (AZ), Jenni James (NM), Chris Ramsey (UT), and Jennifer Mayer (WY and MT).

• Thanks to Lisa Blankenship and Jeanne Brown for their work on the Nominating Committee. Ballots will go out via email in December.

• Bylaws – Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, Leslie Abrams, and Jennifer Mayer. Thanks very much to Eumie and Leslie. Because we couldn’t vote at the chapter meeting, we will vote on these virtually.

• Nina Stephenson and Nancy Pistorius for the Winberta Yao Travel Award committee work.

• Nancy Pistorius for organizing the MW chapter gift basket at Indy (mysteries – went over well) and thanks to those who donated.

• Chris Ramsey for her work on the chapter website – all the updates in a timely way, posts the newsletter, website always current.

• Peggy Keeran for her work as Secretary/Treasurer, served out Jennifer Parker’s term.

• Marly Helm as Vice-Chair. Made this Elluminate session happen. Wonderful. Also for her role as Newsletter Editor.

• Appreciates everyone stepping up for the chapter and for the work.

• Thanks for attending this meeting!

9. Adjourn 12:17pm MST