ARLIS/NA-Mountain West Chapter Meeting
Friday, April 18, 2009 5:35 - 6:10pm
Indianapolis Marriott Downtown | Indianapolis, Indiana




Minutes contributed by Marly Helm, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect

Attendees: Leslie Abrams; Elizabeth ("Liz") Ehrnst; Marly Helm, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect; Jennifer Mayer, Chair; Elaine Paul; Nina Stephenson; Erin Wilkins; and guest Sarah Sherman (Chair, Southern California Chapter)

Agenda #1: Introductions

Chair Mayer called the meeting to order at 5:35PM and attendees introduced themselves.

Agenda #2: Approve Minutes from May 2, 2008 Chapter meeting at ARLIS Annual Conference

Chair Mayer asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the May 2, 2008 meeting submitted by Nancy Pistorius, Recording Secretary. Abrams motioned for approval; Wilkins seconded; and the minutes were unanimously approved without corrections.

Chair Mayer moved Agenda Item #4 before Item #3 to accommodate our meeting guest.

Agenda #4: Future MW Chapter Conferences

Chair Mayer introduced Sarah Sherman, Chair of the Southern California Chapter. Sherman was asked to speak to us to see if a joint chapter conference with Southern California would be possible in 2010. Sherman reported that, at this time, California cannot commit to a joint chapter conference. The Southern and Northern California chapters have submitted a proposal to host the 2013 ARLIS/NA annual conference and, if their application is accepted, then they will be too busy to host a joint chapter conference in 2010. Sherman reported that they will hear if their proposal is accepted after the Indianapolis conference concludes. She said that they will stay open to the possibility for a joint conference but, at this time, they cannot commit.

Concerning the fall 2009 MW Chapter conference, Chair Mayer reported on the findings of her online survey of Mountain West members conducted on February 6, 2009. According to the survey only 5 members said they could/would attend a chapter conference in Salt Lake City. One respondent said they probably could attend. The remaining 11 respondents said they could not or probably could not attend. Most respondents cited lack of travel funds for the reason that they could not attend a chapter conference. In place of an onsite chapter conference, Chair Mayer and Vice-Chair Helm will investigate conducting a virtual chapter conference for fall 2009. Members suggested possible topics for the virtual conference: 1.) learning an expert art topic in 15 minutes; 2.) learning how to work with new Web 2.0 tools or art databases; and 3.) learning something new and interesting about member’s institutional collections.

The meeting resumed its regular agenda.

Agenda Item #3: Reports

2008 Annual Report (submitted by Mayer). Chair Mayer noted that the 2008 Mountain West Annual Report she submitted is on the ARLIS/NA national organization’s web site, at: http://www.arlisna.org/organization/admindocs/annreports/2008/ch_mw.pdf

Treasurer’s Report (submitted by Keeran). Chair Mayer noted that the 2008 Treasurer’s Report submitted by Secretary/Treasurer Keeran is included in the Annual Report, as cited above. The report is dated 12/31/08 and since then the Treasurer has dispersed funds to pay for the Winberta Yao Travel Award and the Indianapolis Welcome Party donation.

Winberta Yao Travel Award Report. Chair Mayer introduced Liz Ehrnst, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, NM, the recipient of the 2009 award. Ehrnst thanked the chapter for the award and said that she would not have been able to attend the annual conference without the travel stipend. She will be submitting her report to MW chapter in the near future.

Agenda #5: Vacant Committee Positions: Nominating, State Coordinators/Membership.

Mayer will put out a call out for volunteers to serve on the Nominating Committee, which will be responsible for finding candidates for the MW Vice-Chair/Chair Elect and Secretary/Treasurer positions for the Jan 2010-Dec 2010 period.

Mayer is also reviving the State Coordinator positions for each state in the chapter in order to find and recruit new members. Several members have already volunteered for these positions and a GoogleDoc has been created to inventory the art (and related) institutions in each state that may have potential ARLIS members. To date, volunteers who have signed up as State Coordinators are: Arizona-Marly Helm; Colorado-Tom Riedel; Montana-Vacant; Nevada-Vacant; New Mexico-Vacant; Utah-Vacant; Wyoming-Jennifer Mayer.

Agenda #6: Budgeting/Spending Process Discussion.

Chair Mayer opened this discussion with her concern that our chapter funds are getting low and how to address this issue. Ideas include: decrease our contribution to national for the Welcome Party (since we are smaller chapter than most), increase our annual dues from $15 to $25, and/or contribute less to the Winberta Yao Travel Award. It was decided to ask for a membership vote to increase our annual dues. Stephenson moved that we present the motion to increase our dues to $25; Abrams seconded. Chair Mayer will send out via email the motion for MW members to vote on it.

Agenda #7: By-laws Review Discussion.

Chair Mayer informed members that it is time for a By-laws review, as our By-laws require a review every five years and the last review was conducted in 2003. After the chapter adopts any By-law changes then national must also approve any changes. Abrams volunteered to work with Mayer to do the review and they will present any changes to MW members via the listserv for voting.

Agenda #8: Potential Book Project for MW Chapter.

Chair Mayer introduced this topic for discussion on behalf of Peggy Keeran and Jeanne Brown. Keeran has a publisher contact and had the idea for the chapter to produce an edited book as a chapter project. Possible over-arching topics for the book include: visual literacy, researching art in the American West, and art librarianship/problems and solutions. Although there was general support for the idea, it was decided that this topic should be discussed more fully on the MW listserv, as there were too few members at the meeting to commit to it.

Agenda #9: Acknowledgments and thanks.

Chair Mayer extended her thanks to: Nina Stephenson and Nancy Pistorius for their work on the Winberta Yao Travel Award committee, Nancy Pistorius for her work with the chapter’s contribution for the Silent Auction, Chris Ramsey for her work on the chapter’s website, Peggy Keeran for her work as secretary/treasurer, Marly Helm for her work as vice-chair and MW newsletter editor, and Lisa Blankenship for her work as past-chair and for hosting the chapter listserv. It was noted that since Blankenship is retiring that the MW listserv will need a new home. Jennifer was thanked for her work as chair. With no other business, the meeting adjourned at 6:10PM.

With no other business, the meeting adjourned at 6:10PM.

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